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Marketing Heaven Offers Quality Facebook Likes to Develop Businesses Social Reach

Marketing Heaven offers innovative online marketing solutions to businesses who wish to punch above their weight and now offers Facebook Likes for business pages to gain popularity.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- Facebook has become one of the first places businesses and marketers now look for customers. However some businesses failed dramatically and left the network as a marketing platform. It turned out that users would not respond to the same kind of promotion as was effective on other websites. Marketing Heaven realized this and instead turned their hand to monetizing Facebook Likes. They help customers gain social popularity on behalf of clients to help them spread their message organically through Facebook and reap far greater rewards as a result.

The site offers an in-depth explanation of the dangers of other such services ( that use underhand tactics that can result in businesses being banned for life from Facebook and unable to use Facebook at all. It also explains how to identify these scammers and how they themselves operate in a very different manner.

The Marketing Heaven system uses safe, secure and pre-screened Facebook Fans to organically develop the popularity of a business’ fan page. Marketing Heaven localize the teams of Facebook Likers to the region and country of origin of the business and increasing activity on the page by as much as 20% in an organic way that does not arouse the suspicions of moderators.

A spokesperson for Marketing Heaven explained, “Monetizing Facebook has been one of the most arduous journeys in recent online business history, and this is because the social platform is primarily a place for people to interact with family and friends. That’s why getting likes on a Facebook business page is crucial, as these likes will spread the brand identity across those social networks and provide a form of endorsement that is difficult to be matched by spending money buying ad space on Facebook. Likes generate more likes, and the early perception of popularity is crucial to early adopters and taste makers who hold your online success in their hands.”

About Marketing Heaven
Marketing Heaven was founded on the principle of doing things differently, working smarter to generate more dramatic results. Marketing Heaven is not a company that just wants to make a quick buck, but takes the time to understand the business and can tailor its package to their clients’ needs, ensuring the most effective investment every time. The Marketing Haven team offer a number of services that drive the popularity of offers and content on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. For more information please visit: