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Marketing Strategies for Businesses Believes Future Is in Near-Field Communication

Public relations and communications professionals are adjusting to this new mobile technology


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- NFC or near-field communication will be a big game-changer for marketers in the near future, Marketing Strategies for Businesses predicted.

Recently, a market researcher forecasted that over $170B+ worth of transactions will be conducted via NFC-compatible handsets within 5 years.

“Clearly the future looks bright for NFC. Consumers seem to be ok with scanning their phones on point-of-sale terminals. However, the key is if consumers are fine with allowing NFC-equipped phones to operate as debit or credit cards when they are touched to payment terminals,” K. Chatman commented.

Communication is struck when an NFC phone approaches an NFC tag, which looks like a sticker emblazoned with a computer chip. Online marketing company publishers are increasingly pegging NFC chips onto content, partly to get a percentage of sales from companies the tags link to.

“NFC is a pivotal point in the age of interactive marketing. Soon NFC phones are expected to enter the mainstream, empowering people in the public relations and communications field to use the tags as fit in campaigns, launches, showcases, reviews, and trips,” Mr. Chatman said.

In one exemplary campaign, a UK organization of volunteers has embedded NFC tags on posters to popularize its helpline and attract benefactors. Onlookers can listen to an emotionally charged phone call between the organization and a young boy by scanning their phones over the poster.

“Coupon giveaways on book covers, downloadable songs on walls, and so on are a few of the possibilities in NFC marketing. This type of interactive marketing can surely enrich PR campaigns, especially those in social media,” K.A. Chatman enthused.

“Mobile may only be the ‘second screen’ but at the rate in which this industry progresses, it could very well outpace TV and desktop one day. Consumer tastes and attitudes are expected to roll along with this paradigm shift. However, there are no guarantees. Likewise, companies should not put all of their eggs in the NFC basket just yet,” Mr. Chatman said.

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