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Marketing Strategies for Businesses Recommends Utilizing Email for Profit Growth

Properly executed marketing through email still effective in engaging and retaining customers


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Marketing Strategies for Businesses reassured marketers on the potency of email campaigns in improving bottomline and conversion. Website creator K. Chatman said differentiating the message from spam and coexisting with social networks are keys to success for email marketing as an online marketing strategy.

“Email is bearing the brunt as consumers online increasingly sift through this data overload. All said and done, email is still effective when the message is communicated persuasively and attracts recipients’ interests,” he said.

Marketers should target and segment their subscribers first. Behavior metrics are still imperative but better market intelligence may be gleaned through incentive programs and the social web.

“Email begets transactions better when it operates in a marketing mix that includes the social web and incentive schemes. However, analyzing metrics such as conversion history and traffic is perhaps not sufficient,” Mr. Chatman said.

Even though spam is descending due to folder filters, reporting widgets, and government legislation; email marketers should feel responsible for setting their messages apart from spam. The better part of marketers’ time should be devoted to crafting their emails in a way that they would not end up in the spam folder.

“First of all, be transparent and specify your brand in the ‘from’ line. Name your recipients too. Several programs can instantly insert names by way of your contacts list. Most importantly, create relevant, targeted, and useful emails that are predominantly not promotional,” K. Chatman said.

For the same purpose, avoid overemphatic statements, capitalization, and punctuation in the subject line. These would only read like desperation and an invitation to be marked as spam.

“An email’s subject line is the make-or-break part. You should be careful with your subject to direct eyeballs to your content, which should hopefully be interesting enough,” Mr. Chatman said.

To secure a lasting audience with the recipient, email content should be brief but valuable. Shareable content such as advice and tips are known to generate positive responses.

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