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Marketing Strategies for Businesses Sees Increase in LGBT-Inclusive Ads

Ads featuring same-gender couples increasingly infiltrating the mainstream


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- With the President of the United States supporting same-sex marriage last month, a tide of change is continuing to sweep America; starting with its advertisements.

On Father’s Day, a department store chain showed a Dallas-based LGBT couple and their children in its catalog. The store had featured same-sex female couples on Mother’s Day as well.

“We are definitely noticing a paradigm shift in advertisements representing the LGBT community. Recognizing this community is taking place more since these individuals are human with the same rights as everyone else,” remarked K. Chatman, founder of Marketing Strategies for Businesses.

Since 2011, the number of Americans in favor of same-sex marriage has typically trumped those opposed, per some polls. Same-sex couples can get married in about six states.

Companies are beginning to take advantage of this opportunity. A major airline company has used LGBT outdoor ads in New York while others are currently disseminating LGBT-inclusive ads for a mainstream audience.

“LGBT ads go way back but more of them are entering the mainstream currently,” noted Mr. Chatman.

The LGBT segment represents a lucrative demographic worth $700+ billion. The market is even larger when relatives and friends of LGBT individuals are factored in.

“Beyond sending out a statement on civil rights, companies are going after LGBT consumers’ deep pockets. These campaigns are not arbitrary. Companies, including those with an internet marketing business, have clearly studied the market and the prevailing intelligence confirms the tremendous purchasing power of the LGBT community,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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