Marketing to Kids and Tweens - US - May 2014-Market Trends and Oppportunities

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Companies or brands may be enticed to market directly to kids and tweens because they exert influence over billions in annual spending. However, smart marketers will avoid this temptation and build lasting brand equity through a more tempered approach. They will create positive brand experiences that will create loyal customers for life.

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Table of Content

Scope and Themes

What you need to know
Data sources
Consumer survey data
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary

Snapshot of kids and tweens
Figure 1: Total US population distribution including kids and tweens aged 5-14, 2014
Marketing strategies
The kid and tween consumer
Kids’ allowance averages $30/month; tweens’ $38
Figure 2: Amount kids and tweens earn weekly, November 2012-December 2013
Allowance is spent on nonessential items like toys, confectionary, video games
Figure 3: What kids spend their money on, November 2012-December 2013
Television and homework are still prevalent activities for kids and tweens
Figure 4: Top activities done during most recent school day, by kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Television service is ubiquitous in the homes of kids and tweens
Figure 5: Type of TV service in home, by kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Channel preferences reflect changing tastes
Figure 6: Top TV channels watched in the last week, by kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Multitasking while watching TV is the norm
Figure 7: Top activities done while watching TV, kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Half of kids, three quarters of tweens go online almost every day or more
Figure 8: Profile page on any of the social networks, kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Kids and tweens exposed to ads everywhere; recall having seen many
Figure 9: Where advertising was seen in the past week, by kids and tweens, January-December 2013
Online shopping not just for adults
Figure 10: Top categories of online shopping, by kids and tweens, January-December 2013
What we think

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Issues and Insights

Why is it important to understand kids and tweens?
The issues:
The implications:
Should kids or tweens younger than age 13 be on social media?
The issues:
The implications:
Why are kids and tweens driven to distraction?
The issues:
The implications:

Trend Application

Inspire trend: Survival Skills
Inspire trend: Edutainment
Inspire trend: Switch Off

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Kids and Tweens by the Numbers

Key points
Kids and tweens are 41 million strong
Figure 11: Total US population of kids and tweens aged 5-14, 2009-19
The multicultural society is here
Figure 12: US population of kids and tweens aged 5-14, by race/Hispanic origin, 2009-19
iGeneration much more diverse than their parents’ or grandparents’ generations
Figure 13: Share of US population by generation, by race/Hispanic origin, 2014
Two thirds of kids/tweens live with both parents
Figure 14: Household relationship and living arrangements of kids and tweens, by age, 2013
Figure 15: How often parents ask for their kids’ opinions on purchases (often/sometimes), by gender, February 2014

Innovations and Innovators

LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools
Figure 16: LL Bean Kayak Class Video
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines/Disney

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