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System 8 Income Opportunity Gives Average People a Chance at Wealth by Simply Mailing Postcards

Marketing System 8 takes from 24 years experience and brings an easy to use system for all levels of marketers.


Garland, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Doyle Chambers is now offering his new marketing system, the System 8 Three Level Publisher's Profit Plan. A master marketer since 1989, Doyle Chambers has put together numerous marketing systems and plans, operated many direct sales companies and helped tens of thousands gain fantastic income from his marketing systems and plans. The System 8 plan is simple, and Doyle Chambers has seen people at all levels of marketing skill, even beginners work his marketing system successfully. He says the System 8 plan is the simplest yet.

By utilizing the concept of leverage, marketers who join System 8 will discover the step by step "Anatomy Of Money Machines System", which has been adhered to by everyone who has been able to make money from a portion of other people's work, creating what is called a 98% "hands free" income. That's where Doyle Chambers success lies, and the potential success for all those who join his marketing system - in the ability to leverage the work of others. As Doyle Chamber's himself says, "Most people today are never able to create a substantial income - because their income is limited to only their efforts. They are simply trading their hours of work for someone else’s dollars. As long as your income is limited to what you can personally earn with your own two hands, then creating wealth will be difficult - if not impossible."

With the System 8 Three Level Publisher's Profit Plan new subscribers will get the following

- 12 step by step tutorial videos that walk through the nuts and bolts of the marketing system.

- Taught by a real million dollar marketer.

- How to go from losing money to making Big Money fast.

- A complete process to generate "set it and forget it" income quickly.

- A 110 page comprehensive training manual teaching extreme marketing system methods.

- A highly responsive postcard that's designed automate the process of bringing sales

About Doyle Chambers
Doyle Chambers has created numerous master marketer systems. After extensive experience with managing complicated military systems, he has spent the past 24 years developing marketing systems that while complex in their function are elegant and simple for marketers to put into practice.

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