MarketingWorks Reveals Secret to Advances in Education in America Is Through Research

America continues to fall behind other countries and MarketWorks works to halt this


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- According to New America Foundation, school districts spend an average of $10,658 per student, working out to more than $550 billion a year for the country as a whole. Although the figure actually spent on each student varies greatly by state, school district, and individual school, the amount continues to rise, yet test scores are dropping. Out of 57 countries studied, America ranked 17 in science and 24 in math. Reading scores couldn't be assessed, due to a printing error.

"Schools find they need to carefully spend the money they do have to help their students, and companies must provide materials that provide the most bang for the buck to meet these needs. Companies struggling to remain competitive today need to look to school market research for assistance. The research studies taken on by MarketingWorks help companies achieve their goals and move forward in today's competitive marketplace," Gerry Bogatz of MarketingWorks states.

When one chooses to make use of MarketingWorks for research purposes, they find the company provides valuable information about the needs, trends, funding sources and perceptions of the education market. The company specializes in primary and secondary research and focuses on quality as data is only useful if it is accurate.

"MarketingWorks believes research serves as a path of inquiry, a path clients and researchers take together. The company strives to provide useful information that leads to actionable decisions as the goal is to lead to growth of the company. During the research process, researchers work closely with the client so the client understands exactly how conclusions are reached and why certain recommendations are made so the client can make informed business decisions," Bogatz explains.

Research methods vary, including focus groups, surveys and in-depth interviews. To guarantee the client has the necessary information, MarketingWorks offers field research and analysis services, making use of their industry connections and other sources to gather the information.

"MarketingWorks helps clients wherever needed when it comes to school market research. All research is scientifically based, and the company offers case studies for those who with to learn more before proceeding. The company works with clients to help them better understand how these research studies can impact the company's sales and marketing productivity," Bogatz declares.

About MarketingWorks
MarketingWorks stands out from competitors as the company remains the only one which is education-specific and offers a wide range of services. Each service unit benefits as all share information, creating a unique synergy which drives momentum to ensure client goals are met. The corporate culture creates a level of professionalism not seen elsewhere along with a commitment to excellence. The goal remains to help companies in the education field achieve success by enhancing company visibility and boosting sales.