Markets for Optically Functional Films and Coatings in Displays - 2012

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- The purpose of this report is to provide a market analysis of the opportunities and challenges for emerging optically functional films used in displays over the next eight years. In this report, we examine the latest products, strategies, and technical developments of the industry. For example, we identify where new optical film products are likely to help grow addressable markets for different types of displays versus market-dominant LCDs, and where new films for LCDs may help these struggling displays maintain profitability.

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Note that hard coatings and other coatings designed to improve the durability of the displays are also commonly found on the front surface of most displays, but these coatings are not optically functional and so they are excluded from the analysis in this report. (Of course, they must be as optically transparent as possible, but they do not perform a particular optical function.) In addition, this report also includes NanoMarkets’ assessments of the strategies of leading or influential firms active in the optically functional coating/film space. And, as always with NanoMarkets reports, this report contains granular, eight-year forecasts of optical films and coatings in volume (by area coated) and value terms, broken out by application.

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End-use display markets covered include LCDs, OLEDs, e-paper displays, and plasma displays, broken out by mobile computing devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.), TVs, computer monitors, and others. Optical film/coating products covered include antiglare/antireflection, color/contrast enhancement, privacy films, reflectors, diffusers, prism and brightness enhancement films, reflective polarizers, multifunctional BLU films, and polarizer films.

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