MarketVolume Is Set to Unveil a New Sophisticated Technical Indicator Called MV Money Flow, is e unveiling the formula of a new sophisticated indicator for technical analysis.


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- A website whose mission is to provide reliable market data and analysis is pleased to announce that they will be unveiling the formula of a new sophisticated indicator for technical analysis. Word has it the people behind stress that their new indicator tool for technical analysis called the MVMF or MV Money Flow will greatly benefit a lot of traders. As sources have said, this new technical analysis indicator tool is displayed on the website’s MV Money Flow page. The service as well as the formula and description are all available for free, as long as any commercial use will include reference or credit to and Victor Kalitowski for developing the indicator. To use this innovative indicator, make sure to visit Market Volume’s official website at

While this indicator is relatively new to the public, it has drawn the interest of a great number of industrial and professional traders. John Clyde Murdoch, an experienced professional trader from North Carolina, said “As far as I’m concerned, this new indicator tool from is one of the best and most functional trading tools available today. By far, it is an ideal tool in making a decision that is based on the analysis of money flow.”

The main purpose behind the creation for the MV Money Flow technical analysis indicator is to act as a substitute to the Twiggs Money Flow (TMF) and Chaikin Money Flow (CMF). Since the TMF and CMF have been fairly choppy lately, traders will experience complications in data analysis in using these indicators. Luckily, and Victor Kalitowski were able to create the MV Money Flow. With the MV Money Flow, traders can solve the difficulties of having choppy analysis by creating a smooth analysis indication without having to increase a lag to measure Money Flow. has spent a great deal of time in developing, researching and creating tools for technical data analysis by putting more emphasis on the analysis of daily volume and intraday data. As sources have said, has spent the last 14 years in developing superior and reliable analysis indicators to its traders and followers. With its sophisticated and dependable technical indicators, it is no surprise that has been considered the best online source for market analysis. Currently, is the only online source of volatility adjusted and volume based indicators. is currently delivering more than 150 technical studies. Out of the numerous studies delivered by, over 20 of them are exclusively available at their website. In order to see a complete list of proprietary’s studies, visit the Technical Analysis page.

Since its advent, a lot of people, traders in particular, have benefited from using the tools provided by T.S., a follower of from Texas, said “First, let me say that in over 30 years of trading the markets, this is by far the finest information I have found. I wish I had known about it sooner." P.R. , another user of from California, said “The reason your service call my interest is because I apply the same principal to trade in emini SP and it is the only way I discover to be successful in trading - VOLUME."

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