Publishes Indicators Rating Table for Research Convenience

Main strategic goal: keep the data open to the seeking public and lessen time dedicated toward research purposes when conducting stock trading


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- has just published the results of their new collaborative research results completed last July 31, 2014. The research is dedicated to scanning popular indicator performance while conducting technical analysis in the stocks market. Number one research goal is to set a standard rating table of the most frequently used technical indicators according to performance which in turn becomes a convenient resource for most traders, beginner or not. The team is headed by Victor Kalitowski.

Research Background

Over the past decade, with development of calculating (computer) technology, gave growing number of indicators to analyze a stock’s price trend in technical analysis.

Online brokers, stock market media, analysis software providers and other stock market analytical services offer access to at least 100 different indicators to analyze a price trend, volume activity and changes in volatility. Some providers have more than 200 different indicators with custom indicator programming capability. The number of ways to analyses a stock’s trend is steadily growing and this confuses some people.

In most cases, stock market traders still rely on traditional books and online tutorials about how to use indicators to trade stocks. The most important question that many traders (especially novice traders) and technical analysis faces is how to select several good indicators from the list of 200 different indicators.

Currently, there are scant sources that could provide the information about the performance of technical indicators.’s research team decided to fill this gap by creating an 'indicators' rating for the most popular technical indicators.

The research performed by Victor Kalitowski for the focused on 500 of the strongest stocks in the U.S. market for the past 10 years. It included such brands with instant public name recalls like Apple, Expedia, Coca-Cola, Moody's, and Wells Fargo among many others. Its main strategy: scan the list of the most popular indicators and different trading systems of the most popular stock accounts then and now.

Full details can be found here.

Research Results

Results produced stock charts containing tables of rating for indicators. The information is not kept secret despite the study's innovative nature. Market Volume ensured an open for all research results reading currently viewable in their website

Novice traders or even advanced analysts who build a specific trading system, may now save a lot of time on research by simply referring to the published results on the’s web site called the “indicators’ rating table”. With this valuable information you select a correct tool for your stock analysis right from your first steps. This rating table could be found at

About Market Volume
MarketVolume’s research team has been known in the investment world for their innovations in technical analysis. They are considered one of the leaders in volume and volatility analysis. While majority of online services are focused on price analysis, provides a tool for complete analysis of a price trend when price trend, volume and volatility are analyzed together. Folks at believe strongly that only then an analyst may receive a complete picture and make an informative trading decision.

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