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Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. Provides Businesses with Custom Packaging and Cartons


Zieglerville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2017 -- Over the span of four decades, and even more industries, Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. has been a pioneer and supplier of packaging and janitorial products. Where boxing, Instapak foam, and shipping products are concerned, in areas like Montgomery County, PA, they have been an indispensable service to businesses.To satisfy all the needs of these businesses, Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. is providing custom packaging and shipping cartons.

Thanks to their experience in the market, Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. can customize, design, size, and print cartons for all sorts of products. Instead of relying on occasionally inaccurate and expensive machinery, they assemble all requested cartons by hand. All setup, gluing, stapling, and taping of cartons is done manually, making the customization more affordable for smaller businesses. Cartons range in size from 3.5" x 2.5" x 2" to 60" x 60" x 50" as one foldable piece. Two piece shipping containers are also available, as well as Singlewall, Doublewall, and Triplewall cartons.

Prior to creating and printing packaging for a company, Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. conducts an analysis of their client's given product. During this phase of research, they predict the safety of the product in transit and how the carton's design can complement this. All designs are suited specifically to the products and companies that requested them. More complex products can be fit into multiple cartons, pads, and blocks. Cushioning foams, like Instapak and bed foam, allow an extra layer of padding for more delicate products.

In addition to customization services, Markey Paper and Packaging is also known as a janitorial supply company in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas. Any business interested in designing and printing custom cartons and packaging is invited to call 215-664-8753 or visit their website at

About Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc.
Markey Paper and Packaging, Inc. is a family owned and operated industrial packaging business that has been loyally serving local distributors and manufacturing companies since 1973. After 44 years of providing essential packaging products and services to other businesses in need, they have established a reputation marked by reliability and competence.

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