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Marko Stout's Martini Dog Gains 64K at Spectrum Exhibition


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- A limited giclee print of “Martini Dog in Green” by the New York City artist Marko Stout is reported to have sold at New York City’s 2013 Spectrum Exhibition for the surprising sum of $64,000. The print of this semi-autobiographical “sophisticated urban canine” is labeled #2 of a limit set of 5. This left many enquiring about the remaining four prints.

According to a representative from Marko Stout Studio and Galleries in New York City; one print was sold to an anonymous collector for an undisclosed price, another destroyed when a SoHo gallery was flooded during hurricane Sandy, one print is missing altogether and the other remains in Marko Stout’s private Upper West Side collection.

Other notable artists including Wang Zhiwn, PetrosChriso, Alfredo Salazar and Asian artist Nguyen Van Cuong are also reported to have significant sales during the show. However do to the all too often back room deals between artist and collectors, the exact sales figures are hard to achieve. However most agree that the October 2013 Spectrum Art Exhibition was by in far the most successful in recent years. The New York art market has certainly recovered significantly since the 2008 recession and near destruction of the vibrant downtown art market. Throughout the city art exhibition attendance and sales art way up, leaving all in the art-word to ask, “Are we beginning to see another boom in the New York art market?” Our next issue will include an extensive look at Banksy's October tagging of New York City streets.

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