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Marni Kinrys Get the Girl Code: Review Responds to Claims of Godlike Female Seduction Powers

Digital Romance, Inc. releases Get The Girl Code (GTGC), a product aimed at helping men get the girl they want through claims of “magical breasts” and “Godlike” female seduction powers, prompting a judicious review by


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Get The Girl Code (GTGC) by “Miss X”, a new program claiming to teach men the “cheat code” for female sexual desire, emotional desire, and even love has caught the attention of’s investigative reviewer, Sterling Krosby.

“Get The Girl Code first caught our attention when we watched the video by relationship expert Michael Fiore that mentioned things like ‘magical breasts’ and ‘Godlike’ powers to attract any girl, “ reports Krosby. “What guy doesn’t want his own pair of magical breasts and superpowers, right? While the controversial video certainly kept us entertained, we really wanted to look past some of the sales hype and get to the bottom of this program to determine if it could actually help our male readers get better with women. Our Get The Girl Code review is the culmination of those findings. ”

Krosby’s Get The Girl Code review digs deep into the online system, going so far as to expose the identity of the mysterious author, “Miss X”, as Marni Kinrys, the world’s #1 Wing Girl who has helped thousands of men worldwide improve their skills with women through appearances on Dr. Drew,, The Huffington Post, Men’s Health, ABC, and even Penthouse.

Get The Girl Code is made available to customers through a private members area that contains all of the audio, video, and PDF (ebook) content making up the program. It covers a variety of skill sets from approaching to sexual escalation and everything in between, and is ideal for guys who feel they lack a firm grasp of the female mind and who are tired of feeling inadequate or overlooked by the type of girl they really want.

“Get The Girl Code really boils down to a few core ideas,” says Krosby. “It helps you understand women on a deep emotional level so you can make her feel an unconscious and instantaneous connection with you from the moment you meet. It helps you trigger sexual desire in a woman even if you are bald, fat, ugly, broke, or currently stuck in the friend zone. It teaches you how to make a woman feel like she chose you and, perhaps most importantly, it teaches you self-awareness so you can be the type of desirable man a woman actually wants to be with. ”

To learn more or to purchase Get The Girl Code, click here to visit the official website.

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