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Maroc100 Introduces Anti Aging Product for Their Natural Skin-Care Lineup, the Flight-Creme Skin-Rescue Formula


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Maroc100 launches second Product on the renowned Amazon platform, the 'Flight Creme Skin-Rescue Cocktail' an anti-aging face cream that also acts as an anti-wrinkle moisturizer. Suzanne and Mark, the husband and wife team behind the brand developed the product as a specific cream that can care for the skin even if the user frequents high altitudes [even reaching 30,000 ft] or in common parlance, in flight.

Story Behind the Product

Spending time on air flights can wreak havoc on the skin. Everyone may start out looking fresh but arrive in location with dry, or at times wrinkled and dull skin.

That was the observation of Suzanne Reynolds after observing that areas with low humidity such as aircrafts always draw moisture from the skin, in turn drying it out. She did not enjoy how her skin looked after flying -dry, irritated and thirsty. So she developed her own flight skincare routine that cared for her skin while flying. "This routine led my husband and I to further develop this to a commercial brand. We felt that with our combined knowledge in botanical ingredients, essential oils and my vast experience in skincare and beauty products, we could come up with a fantastic, results-driven product that the masses could enjoy," shares Suzanne about the background of the flight crème.

The product's main ingredients: organic argan oil, marine extracts [organic seaweed] and Neroli essential oils. Other ingredients include organic bilberry, aloe, coconut oil, green tea, orange, rosemary, cranberry, white willow, neem, shea butter and vitamins A, C & E

Argan oil, a key ingredient is known for its powerful anti-aging properties. While organic seaweed combined with traditional rice green tea helps energize the skin cells. It's even one of the ingredients that kept the face of geisha's of ancient Japan, flawless and supple for centuries. But aside from in-flight use, the anti-aging face cream can also moisturize and rejuvenate the skin for daily usage.

Everyday stress could very much produce dull, aging skin, thus the 'Skin-rescue' tag. Its high potency ingredients helps stop the clock and rev up the skin's youthful elasticity making it plumper and look younger.

About Maroc100
Launched 2014 by Suzanne and Mark Reynolds, a UK-based husband and wife tandem, the brand was founded by a philosophy that all their product lines contain organic and natural Argan oil as a key ingredient for its anti-oxidant properties rescuing the skin from gradual aging. The special product line was first developed for their own personal use but then was soon mass-marketed through the US Amazon platform and in partnership with an organic certified ECOcert top skincare manufacturer and developer.


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