Marpak Aim to Be Polythene Leader in UK and Europe with New Innovations


Leeds, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- Polythene wrapping is ubiquitous to product distribution and transportation, providing a protective layer that keeps packaging pristine and insulates the product itself from harm. Marpak have been providing industrial, bespoke and intelligent packing and wrapping solutions for years, and their global accreditation and heady list of associations supports their bid to become the industry leader throughout the UK and Europe.

Their products, along with the traditional shrink and non-shrink pallet covers, include polythene film and sheeting and food grade polythene liners, providing for a broad range of industries from the building trade, chemical, metal and mineral industries to furniture, washing machine and food suppliers.

On the website, they frequently update their news section with items on the company’s progress, with notable recent stories describing their route to the top of their sector, including signing up to industry leading workplace health and safety schemes, brand redesigns and award nominations.

All this activity in so many different areas may seem at first glance to be disparate, but it is all part of the company’s ongoing mission to out-strip its competition in blown film extrusion and pallet protection. Such vibrant business practice can only bode well, but it takes real commitment to deliver on such a bold promise.

A spokesperson for the company described the root of their ambitions, “Not only do we place a heavy priority on our research and development department, which is busily working on innovating and product testing the latest materials for a wide variety of applications, but we also make sure that we maximise both on potential and existing markets, finding niches where our competitors might not be bold enough to look. One great example would be our furniture and polythene mattress covers for transportation and distribution, which are shaped to create the best fit and are available in shrink or non-shrink form. Meanwhile, we’re leading the industry in traditional pallet liners, and with our range of food grade and DOLAV liners, including UVI filter allowing products to be exposed to sunlight without them going off.”

About Marpak
Marpak are one of the UK’s leading polythene manufacturers of premium grade extruded products. Their specialities are the development and application of premium grade polythene film for the pallet protection market. They place a large emphasis on research and development to ensure that they are offering customers the highest standards of quality and service. For more information, please visit: