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Marquis Auto Restorations Opens for Auto Body Repair in Philadelphia

Alan Lewenthal, the world renowned Mar Car Czar is excited to announce an collision repaair at Marquis Auto Restorations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Alan Lewenthal, the world renowned Mar Car Czar is excited to announce an additional service at Marquis Auto Restorations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the Car Czar, Alan has led car enthusiast on journeys of restoration of beautiful American classics and Alan is thrilled to be able to offer these services to the greater Philadelphia area. Restoring classic and antique automobiles helps retain and renew the strong history of the automobile and the unique position it holds in American culture. Working with these powerful, historical vehicles pays homage to the uniquely American ideals of innovation and opportunity.

Auto Restoration Projects

Marquis Auto Restorations offers free estimates on restoration projects and custom conversions and takes the time to sit down and understand visions of a vehicle. Specializing in custom and hot rod conversions and can work on both interior and exterior restoration projects. No client will be disappointed. Marquis Auto Restoration understands the delicacy required when restoring classic automobiles and ensures the utmost safety of any vehicle, using industry standard methods, no corners are cut on conversions or restorations, unlike some low-bidding restoration services. Restoration experts choose high-quality durable materials and parts to ensure this vehicle is a source of pride.

Collision & Body Repair

Beyond full service restoration services, Marquis Auto Restorations also offers collision and body repair. Automobile accidents, animal collisions and weather related damage can all be repaired by Marquis’ knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Marquis Auto Restoration works with all insurance companies. This will save time and the hassle of trying to track down an adjuster or multiple estimates to secure the repair of a vehicle. Marquis Auto Restoration stands by the quality of repairs and long-time relationships with insurers demonstrates the commitment to returning vehicles to it's pre-accident condition to keep all drivers and passengers safe with as little inconvenience as possible. Choose a shop that focuses on streamlining the insurance claim process and keeps drivers up-to-date on the status of the vehicle every step of the way.

About Marquis Auto Restorations
Marquis Auto Restoration is the pride of Alan Lewenthal, a car enthusiast thrilled to share expertise and knowledge with the automobile owners of Philadelphia, PA. A strong community with a blue-collar history that uniquely supported the development of the automobile, Marquis Auto Restoration is an ideal partner to support the ideals of the community in ownership and maintenance of classic cars, as well as help drivers get back on the roads quickly following an accident. Give Marquis Auto Restoration an opportunity to evaluate the next automobile restoration project and find out what a difference having a restoration veteran involved can make.