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Marriage Coach Lesli Doares Announces Revamped Website Foundations Coaching NC


Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Nationally known marriage adviser and Coach Lesli Doares has revamped Foundations Coaching NC website to add more focus on working with newlyweds.

Marriage, she says, is the kind of partnership most people don't put much thought into. They meet someone, fall in love and decide to get married.

"That's wonderful and it is a great feeling. But marriage is more than just loving someone. Marriage is the most intense and personal partnership you can ever have. Marriage is a team and like any team, it can be made better and stronger with a good coach," Ms. Doares said.

People who just got married have entered on a life changing journey. It helps to have some directions and a "road map" of what to expect and where to go from there, she said.

"That's why I revamped the website. I want people to know that a good marriage can be made stronger by using a coach. Look at it this way. When you buy a house, a car, a refrigerator or some other major purchase, you are going to get information. You want to know what to expect. You want details," she said. "People really should look at marriage the same way."

The main page opens with a popup aimed directly at newlyweds. The popup directs visitors to places on the website that offer help, guidance and advice to newlyweds.

"It's not uncommon for the first year or two of marriage to be tough, but it doesn't have to be that way. I love working with recently married couples to help them smooth out the bumps so they can concentrate on building a loving and successful life together," she said. "A coach helps a team jell. A coach helps a team improve weak areas while maintaining strength in solid areas. That's what I do."

A lot of people think marriage coaching is only for people who have a troubled marriage. Ms. Doares is working to change that impression, hence the revamped website.

"Getting solid advice from a respected professional is a wise thing to do," she said. "Because most people don't know what they don't know about marriage, they miss the benefit of pre-marriage counseling. They focus on the wedding day and not what comes after. They believe what they've been told about marriage being hard work so, when that turns out to be true, they think they are doing it right. They may not like it but they don't know where to turn because it's not that bad. What they don't realize is that there is a simple way to have it be great."

With the revamped website, Ms. Doares hopes more people will come to understand that marriage coaching is a positive and a smart thing to do.

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About Lesli Doares
Lesli Doares is a Marriage Coach who has a passion for creating happy and successful marriages as well as reducing the chance of divorce. It all started for Lesli when a 5 year old girl walked into her office for anxiety treatment. Come to find out, her parents had divorced when she was 2 years old and they had been using her as the rope in their ongoing game of tug-of-war. It was at that moment when Lesli realized she had find a way to make sure divorce never happened. It is this little girl who inspired Lesli to do for other children what she was not able to do for her. Lesli is the author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage: How to Create Your Happily Ever After With More Intention, Less Work. Her main focus is helping couples build strong relationships using her simple five step approach that will help them create their ideal marriage. Lesli Doares received her M.S. in Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1991. She has pursued further postgraduate and clinical work in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at East Carolina University.

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