The Law Office of Joel J. Turney LLC: Permanent Residency Is Not Automatic Once a Foreign National Marries an American Citizen


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- The Law office of Joel J. Turney LLC announces a brand new website detailing the marriage visa process. Many people think they automatically get a green card once they get married to a U.S. citizen, but that’s not accurate information.

When a foreign national marries an American citizen, he or she is not automatically issued a green card and awarded citizenship. The foreign citizen must first be legally wed the U.S. citizen and then the new spouse may apply for a visa.

According to the new website, “One of the most common avenues through which an individual can receive permanent resident status in America is to marry a United States citizen. Every year, almost half a million American citizens marry foreign nationals and petition for them to acquire permanent resident status in the U.S. This is commonly referred to as a green card through marriage request.” Visit the new website at

Since spouses of United States citizens are considered immediate relatives under current immigration laws the numerical quota limitations do not apply.

When United States citizens marry non U.S. citizens their spouses can apply for either a K3 or a CR1 visa. The U.S. government usually approves either a K3 or a CR1 visa. However, without a knowledgeable professional to help in the visa process there can be long delays in getting the visa.

The K3 visa and the CR1 visa are specifically for spouses. The K1 visa is for Fiancés.

The Law office of Joel J. Turney LLC specializes in the spousal and fiancé visa field said Vadym Rogov.

"Due to our strict specialization in the fiancé and spousal visa field, it is important to have a separate website for each visa category containing specific information about such process," Rogov said.

Attorneys at the Law office of Joel J. Turney LLC can assist you with both a K3 and a CR1 visa. Both visas have residency options for spouses that are non-U.S. citizens. Applicants with K3 visas will still need to file for permanent resident status with the U.S. government.

Applicants who apply for the CR1 visa automatically apply for permanent residency status. They also avoid the associated filing fee, currently $1,070. The Law office of Joel J. Turney LLC highly recommends the CR1 marriage visa over the K3 marriage visa. They also recommend consulting a qualified professional before starting the spousal visa process. It can save you a lot of money. For more visa information on spousal visas, visit or call them at 1-888-964-7556.