Married Name Change

Married Name Change Launched to Help People Change Their Names when Married or Divorced

Married Name Change is the new branch of Easy Name Change, a website group that provides all the letters, forms and legal documents required for people to change their names.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- Changing one's name is a surprising common occurrence, but never more so than with people who get married. In cases where couples wish to double-barrel their surnames, both can change names. Equally, new trends are beginning to form in which individuals create a portmanteau, combining their two surnames into a new surname for the couple, so “Smith” and “Giles” becomes “Smiles”. In these cases people need to know how to go about legally changing both their names, and Married Name Change is a website that contains all the information to help them do so, from step by step guides to ready-made forms.

The company provides all the marriage name change forms required for agencies across the USA so that all individuals need to do is sign them and send them off, along with a step by step guide as to what information to append and how to send it.

This makes the process of getting names changed incredibly easy as there’s no need to wait on hold or trawl the internet looking for the latest form. . As a result, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee on their name changing services. The company has full breakdowns of the kits on their website and also has a name change FAQ to address common queries up front.

Genevieve Dennis, Manager at explained, “Most people still wish to change their names when they get married, but few people know how to go about getting their records updated. Our new website is designed to address this demographic of our audience specifically and provide everything they need to get their names changed so they can make official the start of their life as a unit. Equally, we handle changing names once leaving a marriage via, so those who want to get their independence back can do so just as easily.”

About Married Name Change
Married Name Change is a name change notification service. Their kits provide specific name change instructions for thousands of US organisations, and provide every letter, fax, and special form required. For more information please visit: