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Martin Diaz Alvarez Donated Sports Complex in the Philippines


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- The business world can be a tricky place to be in as it eats a lot of a businessman's time. He mostly is juggling business and personal life in a hectic schedule. But for businessman Martin Diaz Alvarez, it isn't as hard as it seems. Earlier this year Martin Diaz Alvarez has been on tour in several companies to help out with his foundation MDA Helps Foundation, just this month he was in the Philippines for dual purpose closing a deal with one of the leading BPO companies and also helping out the Young Athletes Sports Foundation on building their recreational center in the greater Manila region.

Almost all of the big names in Philippine Sports were in attendance as Martin Diaz Alvarez is a well-known sports enthusiast. Mr. Alvarez was believed to have donated a multi-million pesos sports complex that will be operated by YASF and its staff to cater for sports and other events that the foundation will do. Ernie Santos, Founder of YASF said in an interview that "MDA (Martin Diaz Alvarez) has been there the whole process, it is actually his brainchild and we are just fortunate to be the recipient of his good grace." The project was opened up last January 2015 and has been pushing through since July of the same year.

The big complex includes an outdoor track and full soccer field (as MDA is a big soccer fan) and a couple of outdoor basketball courts. The YASF has been housing out of school youth and teaching them how to be athletes. They have made waves when they won the 2012 Philippine Goodwill Award as the Most Outstanding Sports Foundation and has been at it since then. They have sent hundreds of poor kids to school and as of press time. They already have college graduates from the foundation and some of them are working as volunteers.

"I have seen what they can do and had a close eye on them since a few years ago; I sent them a message through my assistant and asked them how can I help out and they exchanged information. From there, we just decided that a sports complex would help them a lot, so that is what I discussed with my partners." Martin Diaz Alvarez said in an interview. "I just wanted to give them a chance to instill more change, they are doing great and their numbers aren't lying." He added.

The YASF will honor MDA by naming the sports complex as the Martin Diaz Alvarez Sports Complex. The sports complex opened up last week and MDA was in attendance along with his business partners and today they officially cut the ribbon and opened the complex to public. The kids are very happy with the outcome as they offered MDA a touching performance by the YASF Children's choir.

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