Marvel Optics Announces Wide Selection of Cheap Prescription Sunglasses for Fall Season


Sugar Land, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- is pleased to announce they are continuing to offer a wide selection of cheap prescription sunglasses throughout the fall season. The online retail store makes it simple for consumers to purchase the perfect pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes and add a new sense of fashion to their wardrobes. The high-quality, affordable prescription sunglasses offer the perfect combination of UV protection and visibility. Consumers who purchase their sunglasses can save over 70% on different selections of frames.

The process of selecting the perfect pair of discount prescription sunglasses is simple, no matter what prescription a consumer has, or what type of frame they are looking for. The first part of the process a consumer takes when selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses is selecting a pair that can protect their eyes. UV protection is vital to keeping eyes safe. The second part of the process is selecting the best pair that fits their face. Consumers can use the frame sizing guide and how to pick eyeglasses for their face shape to better help them.

After a consumer selects a frame that fits their face, they can choose the lens color they desire. That is both for fashion sense and to detect contrast and differentiate colors. Some colors enhance contrast, others not as much. Most used sunglass lens colors are grey and brown. Lastly, consumers can select the appropriate lens thickness and add on options to enhance their sunglass wearing experience. Consumers can choose thin lenses for a more comfortable fit and also add on additional options such as anti-reflective and anti-scratch lenses. With these tips, offered by, consumers will have the perfect pair of sunglasses to wear this fall.

Created with complete customer satisfaction in mind, provides high-quality eyewear at an affordable price. The company has become a leader in the online store community because it has been able to create innovative solutions for people in need of eyewear worldwide. Setting themselves apart from competitors, has been able to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. Looking beyond the conventional industry business model, has been able to meet the individual needs of their customers and assist them with their unique challenges. Avoiding the middle man, works directly with the supplier which has created an unbreakable cycle of continuous improvement, and complete customer satisfaction.

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