Marvin Hayes, a Key Player in the Film Industry for the Past Decade Launches His New Project "Among Brothers"


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Marvin Hayes, a key player in the film industry for the past decade launches his new project “Among Brothers”. The film project is the mark of a new chapter in Hayes’ development as a filmmaker. “Among Brothers” is a television comedy that chronicles the lives of six characters whom live, work, and play in one of America’s fastest growing cities: Atlanta, Georgia. Not only has Hayes made a stamp on Atlanta Georgia by bring new films, he also is producing and directing a movie with the well-known rapper T.I. The name of the film is “Upgrade”. Hayes was asked for more information on the movie and he stated, “it is currently undergoing production and distribution”. When asked when the movie would be released, Hayes anticipates early next spring. Either way we’re excited that Hayes is bringing new opportunities to Atlanta, Georgia and we look forward to all he has to offer.

Here’s more information on Hayes and his accomplishments in the past.

Hayes is well known for his work with the television comedy series “The Jaime Foxx Show”, “The Parkers”, and Charlie Sheen’s “Spin City”. He currently fulfills the role of a film/video director for SEY Artist Management Entertainment Touring and Talent Agency (SAMETTA) where he is responsible for overseeing creative aspects of film and video for all SAMETTA clients.

Some of Hayes’ other achievements include a filmmaker at 20th Century Fox, Universal, and TV one working on projects such as “The George Wallace Story” and Joel Silver and Barrie Osborne’s “Matrix”. Additionally he has been a director and producer at Marvelous Films, as well as a Creative Director at Facecard Records.

For information about Marvin Hayes and his most recent works, his LinkedIn profile can be viewed here