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Marx Myles Inc. Unveils Promotional Products Designed to Increase Brand Awareness

Consumers Receiving Promotional Products are Very Likely to Remember the Company Name


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Capturing the attention of a consumer continues to be something companies struggle with. The Internet has greatly reduced the attention span of consumers as they have the ability to compare a number of items in a short period of time. Companies wishing to combat this need to make full use of promotional products, according to Arthur Marx of Marx Myles Inc.(

Promotional products increase brand recognition. When a company spends a portion of its advertising budget on promotional products, they benefit greatly as consumers usually keep these items, allowing for repeated exposure of the brand. "The average person will head to their refrigerator more than ten times each day. When a company places their brand and logo on a promotional magnet, a family of four will see this magnet more than 14,000 times in a single year. When a family member needs a product sold by this company, the company brand and logo will be the first that comes to mind," Mr. Marx explains.

A PPAI study found that promotional products included in a direct mailing sales letter increased response rates by up to 50%. Another study, one conducted by Schreber & Associates found that 39% of consumers receiving a promotional product recalled the brand up to six months after receiving the product. "Studies such as this show just how powerful promotional materials can be when used as a marketing medium," Mr. Marx continues. "Companies should contact a printing company NY to learn more about what products currently offered fit into their overall brand image as doing so could increase brand awareness significantly."

Promotional products offered by NYC printing companies meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Sporting venues often select binoculars while accountants pass out calculators to customers on a regular basis. Clocks, desk tools and financial accessories are other options along with executive gifts, apparel, balls and Frisbees. "Companies find it easy to choose a promotional product that fits their overall brand image while staying within their budget. Promotional products offer a good return on investment and every company should make use of at least one for customer interactions," Mr. Marx exclaims.

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In business for more than 50 years, Marx Myles Inc has established itself as a reliable and reputable commercial printing company. Customers continue to come to the company as they understand the importance of projects and offer fast turn around times. Attention to detail remains a priority at all times and most operations occur in New York State, allowing the company to handle a number of functions, from printing to finishing. The company strives to provide customers with beautifully printed materials while meeting deadlines, staying with budget constraints and maintaining presentation standards. Service and dependability are two hallmarks of this company which services a wide range of schools, corporations and non-profit organizations among others.