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Maryland Businessman Marat Nigmatzyanov Shows That Hard Work Pays off in Business and Sports


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- Playing team sports gives individuals the opportunity to learn vital life skills such as cooperation, persistence, leadership, organization and effective execution. The same could be said for running a business. In fact, many leaders in the public and private sectors either participated in team sports in the past or are currently still participating in athletic activities.

One such example of a leader who applies the same principles on the field and in the boardroom is a businessman named Marat Nigmatzyanov. Not only is Nigmatzyanov the CEO of MMP Associates, a company that specializes in business marketing and advertising, he is also the head coach of the Seneca United boys’ soccer team.

This multi-talented leader has both a degree in finance and an NSCAA Regional Coaching diploma. Equipped with a wide range of skills, Nigmatzyanov has led his boys’ soccer team to victory as they achieved two straight promotions since having joined the NCSL Soccer League. With his team based out of Montgomery County, Maryland and MMP Associates located in Rockville, Maryland, Nigmatzyanov has demonstration an impressive dedication to the community.

In addition to coaching, Marat Nigmatzyanov also plays in the Washington International Soccer League, where he shows that he can also shine as a team player. All of these activities demonstrate that this businessman is committed to working hard in order to juggle multiple roles.

When reflecting upon his busy life and his experiences with the Seneca United soccer team, Nigmatzyanov speaks of his desire to share his passion with others and give back to the community, even if that means maintaining a very busy schedule. “By managing my time very carefully, I’m able to fit a lot more into every day than I ever used to be able to. There are some things that I’ve had to sacrifice to make time to give 110% to my job and to the Seneca soccer club, but it’s definitely been worth it,” declares the CEO.

As such, leaders like Nigmatzyanov are proving to their communities that business and sports can go together very well — especially when the participants are truly passionate about what they are doing.

About Marat Nigmatzyanov and Seneca United
Marat Nigmatzyanov is CEO of the marketing and advertising company MMP Associates as well as head coach of the Seneca United boys’ soccer team. Seneca’s season consists of practices, NCSL league play, up to seven annual tournaments and two annual indoor soccer sessions.

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