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Mass Action Marketing Announces the Pre-Launch of iLA

iLA’s pre-launch is set to take place on February 1, 2013. This is the first application that allows users to make money.


McMinnville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Mass Action Marketing has announce the pre-launch date of the Inspired Living App or iLA, for short. The pre-launch will be on February 1, 2013. Each week, the Inspired Living App will offer a personal development video that will be around 9 minutes long. The video will be given automatically to individuals who subscribe to the app – it can be viewed on a mobile device or through a website. This app will work for everyone, no matter where they live – it works in any country.

As a subscriber paying $9.95 per month, users will have access to the archive library, where they can find content from the past. To each one of their affiliates taking part in the affiliate program, Mass Action marketing will offer a 3x7 force matrix payment plan. There will be no need to put a large investment up front in order to take part in the compensation and no recruiting requirements will need to be followed. For those affiliates who participate in the recruiting efforts of the company, there will be some generous bonuses given.

The Inspired Living Application is a unique mobile application that makes it possible for the average individual to make money from the mobile app industry. It is a known fact that mobile apps are starting to increase in popularity, so now is the time to start taking advantage of them. This application is all about personal growth. By using the app, individuals will gain practical knowledge from various professionals in their fields. The topics range from goal setting to personal motivation and more.

By using iLA, individuals will be motivated, encouraged and inspired to achieve their goals, excel in business, health, relationships and enjoy success in their life on a regular basis. This is the first mobile app that gives users the opportunity to make money by using it. By using iLA’s matrix program, individuals can do anything from prepare for retirement to becoming their own boss.

The benefits of a free subscription will include:

- Weekly video content

The benefits of a $6.95 per month paid subscription will include:

- Access to the video archive
- Weekly video content

The benefits of a $9.95 per month paid subscription will include:

- Ability to earn through the Matrix Program
- Access to the video archive
- Personal website
- Delivery of the weekly video content

Retail customers and associates are offered a 30-day refund.

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The inspired living application is the first application that will allow users to make money.

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