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Mass Virals See Unprecedented Demand Following Launch of Premium Geolocated Facebook Likes

Mass Virals has seen their Facebook likes service boom in recent weeks after offering a premium service that sells likes from the US and UK only, creating a higher quality social signal.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- The precedent for buying Facebook likes, YouTube views and Twitter followers was established when it was discovered that these numbers acted as social signifiers- a form of endorsement that, based on the strength of numbers, could encourage more users to like, share and support content promoted through these outlets. The illusion of popularity could create real popularity, an online version of the networking epithet, “Fake it ‘til you make it”. Mass Virals have been a popular provider of these services, but with their latest product innovation have seen a massive upswing in sales.

The company started life offering the opportunity to buy Facebook fans, so it is only fitting that the first service they chose to trial their new geolocated services on would be Facebook. Clients can now select between ‘worldwide’ fans or UK and US fans to give a greater specificity to their presence in target markets. UK and US fans are considered more legitimate by some viewers as a marker for the true popularity of a product, and this new service answers that need.

The company already has plans to roll out geolocated YouTube views and Twitter followers following the success of the trial for Facebook Likes, and customers are responding positively with testimonials that are now being featured on the site.

A spokesperson for Mass Virals explained, “The geolocated likes service for Facebook has been a runaway success because it allows individuals from the biggest English speaking Facebook markets to establish their popularity in those markets. The opinions of individuals in Pakistan and the Philippines simply aren’t as relevant to UK and US Facebook users as individuals from those countries. By offering likes from those countries the power of the signifier is multiplied exponentially and avoids the cynicism that has developed as a result of the commercialization of these services.”

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