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Mass Vision Launches Small Lots Wholesale Sunglasses Site

New site makes it possible to order wholesale sunglasses in lots as small as one dozen, Mass Vision reports


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- People looking for items to sell at fairs, flea markets, or online no longer have to spend days scouring garage sales or spend hundreds of dollars on crates of merchandise that may never sell. Thanks to the launch of Mass Vision, it's now possible for sellers to get wholesale sunglasses in small lots. This will allow small merchants to cover local events or to choose a wider selection of styles without the fear of ending up with hundreds of extra pairs.

"We offer our discount sunglasses in lots as small as one dozen pair," said Anthony Masiello of Mass Vision. "Our designer glasses are available for as low as $30 per dozen or less, which puts them at just over $2 apiece. These styles are by no means clunky. Instead, we've made sure to choose styles that are actually in demand. This allows our customers to get glasses that are easy to move while leaving plenty of room for profit."

Small, inexpensive lots aren't just good because of their prices. They also allow merchants to fill a rack with plenty of different styles, and this will draw more customers to a stand or store. Consumers love to have a large array of choices, especially for fashion items like sunglasses and other accessories.

"For some consumers, the draw of a deal isn't quite enough to override the desire to have designer fashion accessories," Masiello noted. "We've got them covered, too. Our designer sunglasses incorporate brand names into their designs and come in the hottest styles. Best of all, they're still very inexpensive at the wholesale level."

Wholesale glasses aren't only available in tinted styles. Reading glasses and safety glasses are also available in small wholesale lots. Even so, the sunglasses market is the biggest one, so that's where much of the attention is focused. Metal frames, white frames, dark plastic frames, and more are all covered. The same goes for lens options such as polarization. Clip-ons and fit-overs are other choices that can be obtained. It's easily possible to outfit an entire store with affordable sunglasses when all of these choices are used.

"One essential aspect of our business philosophy is that it should be easy for even new, small businesspeople to order at wholesale prices," Masiello said. "We have no minimum order quantity and no credit checks. Whether someone buys a dozen pairs of glasses or a thousand dozen, ordering is as simple as it would be on a regular retail site. The main difference is the price and the fact that we don't sell single items."

Mass Vision is one of the first of a new breed of wholesalers who have adapted fully to the modern ways of doing business online. As their success grows, other companies are sure to follow this client-friendly model and eliminate onerous wholesale account requirements.

About Mass Vision
Mass Vision is a wholesale supplier of sunglasses, sunglasses accessories, and related items. Their online store makes it simple to order any amount of wholesale glasses in increments of 12. It offers popular styles and even designer brands.