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Massage at Total Physiocare Addresses Pain, Stress and Depression


Camberwell, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2015 -- Stress, pain, and depression are all significant concerns for Australians and they're conditions that can be alleviated with massage therapy available at Total Physiocare. Those most affected range in age from 18-35. They experience the lowest level of well-being, report incidents of severe depression, and have pain that impacts their physical health.

While massage therapy relieves pain, it also has a strong emotional and psychological element that relieves stress and leaves patients feeling rested and relaxed. It lowers blood pressure and relieves headaches that often accompany increased levels of stress. People respond differently to anxiety and stress and unexplained aches and pains often have stress as an underlying cause.

Therapeutic massage is also beneficial for those with chronic illness, neurological conditions, and for improving sports performance. The technique promotes mobility, flexibility, healing of injuries, and helps manage pain. It's an effective alternative to prescription medications. Massage is a powerful tool and the clinic offers different types of massage techniques to address specific patient issues.

Massage loosens tight muscles, tendons and nerve groups resulting from stress, pain, inflammation and injuries. It improves circulation and works with the body's innate abilities to accelerate the healing process. It's advantageous for current injuries, prior injuries with lingering effects, and for those with scare tissue. It's an effective therapy for rehabilitation following injuries and surgery.

Massage has a variety of other benefits of which many individuals aren't aware and can be used throughout the body. It aids those with digestive disorders, TMJ pain and autoimmune diseases that include rheumatoid arthritis that limits mobility, is extremely painful, and often results in disability. The technique relaxes the body for improved posture, stimulates the immune system and promotes easier breathing.

The massage therapy offered at Total Physiocare is available to patients of all ages to relieve stress, pain and depression. It's an effective treatment for rehabilitation of past and former injuries and can be used in conjunction with cupping, dry needling, and trigger point therapy for a comprehensive approach to whole body wellness.

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Total Physiocare was established in 2002 and is committed to providing quality physiotherapy service to the communities it serves. The practice has offices in Camberwell, Heidelberg, Reservoir and Footscray for patient convenience. The clinic maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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