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Massage-Escape Columbus Is Offering Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage in Columbus


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2019 -- Massage-Escape Columbus has grown under the leadership of Mindy Chen to become the go-to massage center for everyone in Columbus who is looking for professional massage services at affordable rates. The facility is always open seven days a week and since it is run by a seasoned massage therapist, provides a full line of massage services that are aimed at catering to all the demands of their clients. Massage-Escape Columbus is driven by value and to guarantee the satisfaction of every customer therefore they always take time to understand all requirements which they then professionally address.

Taking about the qualities that one should seek in a massage therapist, the company's spokesperson commented, "The secret to having a great massage experience is to have the right massage therapist offer the services, and we have taken measures to ensure you never settle for less. As a team, we have great interpersonal skills, communication skills, strong intuition, and a grasp of the right techniques to use while offering different massages. All these qualities are customer-centered, and each time you seek our services, there will be the pleasures of a fantastic experience."

A specialty massage that lots of clients are guaranteed to love is, without doubt, a hot stone massage that uses heated basalt stones to relax the body muscles. Massage-Escape Columbus offers this massage that begins with the therapist warming up the body with traditional Swedish massage before placing the hot stones on key acupressure parts. The benefit of hot stone massage is that it helps the body to relax, release toxins, relieve pain, and reduce stress besides the fact that it aids the body to self-heal.

Speaking about what clients can expect during a Swedish massage, the company's spokesperson said, "Swedish massage was founded on the western concepts of physiology and anatomy, as such, it is one of the best therapies for the relaxation of the entire body. We are committed to giving you the full benefits of this classic massage that primarily involves soft strokes on delicate body parts and stronger strokes on thicker muscle areas. You will also get to have rubbing, tapping, kneading, and vibration to the body for a therapy that will lead to better blood flow and body relief."

The general assumption is that sports massage therapy is strictly meant for athletes and sportspersons, given that this massage was created to help them in relieving pain and injuries. However, Massage-Escape Columbus recommends this massage to everyone who is physically active and wants to remain fit and injury-free. Since this massage focuses on reaching to the body parts that are extensively used during physical activities, it is vital that it gets done the right way and the certified therapists at the massage center always take this into account.

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Massage-Escape Columbus is the home to highly professional and experienced massage therapists in Columbus who are well-versed in a wide range of massage techniques that they use help their clients to escape stress and pain.

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