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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2020 -- Massage-Escape offers professional massage services in Columbus. They have a team of talented therapists who have a minimum of 1,000 hours of professional massage experience behind them. The firm aims to provide top-level massages at affordable rates. It was founded by Mindy Chen and is open seven days a week. Some of the firm's massage techniques include Swedish massage, hot stone massage, sports massage, shiatsu massage, back walking massage, and many more.

Speaking about hot stone massage, the company spokesperson said, "Hot stone massage involves the application of heated stones on the skin to help loosen the muscles. The stones are formed when formerly molten rocks from volcanic activities cool and harden to create iron-rich stones with incredible heat-retaining capabilities. Thus, they are not average stones. Here are some benefits of a hot stone massage. Hot stone massage creates a sense of warmth and comfort, reduces and manages stress, decreases cancer symptoms, relieves autoimmune disease symptoms, and many more. For more information about hot stone massage, clients can contact us."

Over the years, massage therapy has been growing in popularity in Columbus. The goal of the therapy is to make sure that the body is relaxed and free of pain. There are several benefits of massage therapy. Massage sessions ensure that one's tensed muscles are relaxed. They reduce the level of stress hormones and lowers one's blood pressure levels. Those looking for couples massage can contact Massage-Escape. The firm has different techniques in providing massages that relieve tension, reduce depression, improve sleep, eases anxiety, and many more. Their experts ensure that one's body is relaxed with the use of their hands.

Speaking about the qualities of a good massage therapist, the company spokesperson said, "There are several therapists offering massage services in Ohio. However, only a few deliver a massage that is healthy and beneficial to an individual. Clients are advised to always carry out a thorough research on a particular therapist before seeking their services. Here are some qualities of a good massage therapist. Good massage therapists should have exceptional interpersonal skills. They need to be good at listening since it is the only way they can understand the client's needs. Those looking for the best massage therapists can contact our firm."

Massage-Escape offers massage services. They have a team of certified therapists who provide excellent services to their clients. The firm's deep experience enables it to provide personalized massage services depending on the client's requirements. The firm has no limit to the kind of massage techniques they use on the clients. For more information about the firm's accepted payment methods, clients can visit the company's website and get the information in footer under contact details.

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Wondering where to find a walk in massage Columbus Ohio? Message-Escape offers affordable massage services to its clients. They have excellent reviews. Thus, clients are assured of getting top-quality services from the firm.

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