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Massage Open Release of the Ionic/Firebase Booking App


San Bernardino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2020 -- The massage app we are presenting today belongs to the lifestyle/fitness category. In fact, it can be used inside a web browser as well but that is just a side fact and not of importance here. When it comes to mobile apps there two main providers or stores that eclipsed all the others. And you sure know which I am talking of - Google with its Google Play and the Apple Store. Of course, there still are some other "less important" app stores such as Blackberry, Windows, and Amazon. But again, their market share is almost invisible.

This app is created with the Ionic/Angular technology on a Firebase backend. Nowadays we could use almost any programming language and build a mobile. But that does not necessarily make it a quality product. Technically speaking you could make a mobile app in Python but many of its features will lag when compared to Java. It's just not like Java native code since that's what Google chose for its Android. Now, Apple is even more restrictive. Therefore only a few technologies are dedicated to building good code for mobile apps. But that is changing fast. Ionic is one technology that is bringing a wind of change. With the use of Angular and Cordova, Ionic gave options to Javascript developers a way to make mobile applications without having to spend years learning Java.

Firebase is another Google product that is basically an "always online database" that stores objects in a JSON-like format. What made it attractive was its real-time capabilities (at least it was marketed as such) and its packages that take care of authentication. Authentication and security is always a difficult thing to build and maintain. By offering authentication as a service part of its database package Google made Firebase an attractive product. In reality, there are issues but as with all software technologies, they are quickly improving.

The Android Massage App application is definitely a must. Give it a try now - install from Google Play, register your account in 20 seconds, and book your spa or massage appointment. Free of charge. This app is especially useful if you live in a large city in Asia or parts of the US, particularly in California, Georgia, New York, and a few other states. We must mention that the Massage Open app is most popular in Asia, especially in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and The Philippines. However recently we are witnessing a rise in registration numbers across the US and even parts of Europe and the Middle East.

About Massage Open
Massage Open produces Android applications that help users create their own massage shops online. The main markets that the company is focused on are in Asia, particularly in South and South-East Asia, and countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Singapore. Making contact between the buyers and sellers is free of charge - this is part of the new "Massage for All" strategy launched a while ago by the company.

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