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Massage Therapy; A Modern-Day Necessity

Beyond relaxation, massage therapy has become a beacon in promoting holistic health.


Ithaca, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Modern Lifestyle has changed dramatically over the years. Jobs have become more accessible making working hours longer and almost available causing over fatigue, frustrations, and stress. For many people, stress has become a way of life. With prolong exposure to stress, your mind and body may pay the price. Driven by the trend of adopting an upbeat approach to enhancing well-being, massage therapy has transformed into total wellness provider in urban setting. It’s a quick fix to get de-stressed without going out of town.

Massage Spa now coined wellness Spa developed a more individualized approach to attend to their clients’ needs, rather than just offering traditional services.

Certified Therapist

Massage schools and wellness institutions now provide intensive training to prepare student to become professional massage therapists. These courses require science subjects on human anatomy, physiology; kinesiology and pathology as well as coursework in both Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques. It involves rigorous hands on training on diverse clients including developmentally disabled, seniors and children done in a real-life setting. Curriculum also requires integration of professional communication skills, ethics and business skills in preparation for the students to become professionals.

Business Recreation

Wellness spa has extensive menu of massages, scrubs and facials services directed towards individuals and groups alike. The wellness culture prompted Spas to open these services to address clients’ demands for a youthful appearance and figure, practicing on hair reduction, cellulite reduction, body contouring, and skin tightening treatments to name some. .

Despite the fact that hotels give stiff competition with their plush amenities, Spa nowadays offers the same luxurious experience, such as well-appointed private villas with Jacuzzis and steam showers at more competitive rates. Individuals and business groups can take full relaxation in public treatment or private lounge when they can conduct company meetings or business talks complete with reclining massage chairs, Wi-Fi connection and projection screens. Thematic rooms are available addressing visual concern to make customers stay as memorable as possible.

Personalized Services

In keeping with the personalization trend in spas, clients can choose from blends of mood-lifting aroma oils such as lavender and tangerine for emotional stability; anise seed, cedar wood, tangerine and orange for energy; and lemongrass, cedar wood and lavender for serenity. Some wellness spa extend their services in providing personalized soaps, massage oils, room fragrance, incense, towels and food choices for curated special events.

Wellness Spa promoting natural holistic treatments is becoming more developed than ever leaving clients looking and feeling relaxed and refreshed.

About The Massage Outlet
The Massage Outlet was formed by a massage school owner to serve the needs of the massage school market; its students, staff and alumni. Its goal is to provide trusted products at low prices with great customer service, and to allow massage schools large and small to offer their products to their students, staff and alumni.