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Massage Therapy with Massage-Escape Helps Relieve Pain and Stress


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2020 -- For an overall improvement of the health of humans, one core therapy that is as important as life itself is a massage. The importance of a massage cannot be overemphasized, as it helps in the drastic reduction of stress, improves blood circulation in the body, flushes out toxins, and boosts the immune system of everyone – both old and young. Aside from these qualities, it also facilitates physical relaxation and is responsible for greater flexibility and motion in the human body. In Columbus, United States, Massage-Escape offers top level massage services to all and sundry.

Answering a query about their couples massage services, Massage-Escape's spokesperson, Ms. Mindy Chen said, "For you and your loved one: Enjoy a romantic time while relaxing together, because life can put so much stress and pressure on us all, and a couples massage is the perfect antidote. It is a romantic bonding experience that gets you both away from all the hassles of life, and in addition, brings you the fun and relaxing time you both need. It is time to give yourselves a treat and relax together in our private couples massage room with two massage tables and two skilled therapists. Indulge yourselves with relaxing Swedish massage, sports massage to help your body recover, or maybe a deep tissue massage for pain."

The vision of Massage-Escape is to make real top level massage affordable and easy to access for everybody therefore, they are always open 7 days a week. The norm is for clients to book appointments, but they are also happy to take walk-in customers. At Massage-Escape, they charge only $60 for a full hour of massage (not the 50-minute "hours" some centers do). There are no up-charges for different techniques, and every therapist is personally tested by the lead therapist, making sure that they have a minimum of 1,000 hours of having provided professional massage experience. Clients in need of couples massage packages can contact Massage-Escape.

The spokesperson speaking about their Foot Reflexology Massage services, added, "An invigorating foot massage improves the blood circulation and enlivens the tired feet after a long day. At Massage-Escape, our therapists are trained in various techniques and modalities to suit specific needs of every guest. Those suffering from ankle injuries or plantar fasciitis are effectively benefited by our therapies that combine the traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques. We provide the best foot massage that goes beyond relaxation and pain relief, as it offers complete rejuvenation by reducing the level of stress in the whole body."

There are a lot of foot massage benefits guests can derive, from having this type of massage done at Massage-Escape. This is because there is a wide range of treatment modalities and techniques deployed to relieve the calf, foot, and ankle pain through specialized foot massage sessions. Hot towels are used to refresh the feet, and therapists apply organic oils and cream to the feet and massage it gently using different techniques, including stretching and thumb pressure. Foot massage at Massage-Escape can be considered by people, being one of the most trusted foot massage experts in Columbus and nearby areas.

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Massage-Escape provides top level massage services in Columbus, Ohio, with their massage therapy that helps guests escape stress and pain while feeling pampered.