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Massive Retaliation: New Novel Pits USA Against China for World Domination; as Caribbean Island Becomes Playground for Fusion of Fact & Fiction

Masterfully crafted by Ian D. MacDonald, ‘Massive Retaliation’ takes the age-old battle for domination between the United State and China to a chilling new level. Fusing razor-sharp fiction with a premise that is grounded firmly in reality, the novel depicts China’s direct violation of 1823’s Monroe Doctrine as they attempt to set up a military base on the Caribbean island of St. Matts. A U.S. Government employee with family on the island is sent to investigate, as readers become acutely aware of the continuing threat of nuclear warfare.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- While the United States claims to be the most powerful nation on Earth, China openly brands itself with the same prestige. This battle for world domination is by no means new, but a powerful and thought-provoking novel by Ian D. MacDonald makes it all the more vivid as the confrontation becomes militarized.

‘Massive Retaliation’ capitalizes on the author’s deep and passionate knowledge for the Caribbean. The narrative depicts China’s attempts to lease a former British military base on the island of St. Matts, putting itself in direct violation of the real-world 1823 Monroe Doctrine. Nagasaki could quickly become the United States second-to-last nuclear bomb drop…


Dr. Rob Lyons, a State Department analyst, in the year 2020 is quietly sent to the Caribbean island of Saint Matts. He has been tasked with investigating why, at this time, the People’s Republic of China are daring to lease a long abandoned British naval base from the government of that island. No foreign government has dared intrude into America's private Caribbean preserve in 200 years. What has suddenly made the Chinese so brave. Will the island's disloyalty to the United States be punished with nuclear obliteration - as one senator is demanding? Could this intrusion lead to a nuclear confrontation between China and the United States? Equipped with the latest, top secret, monitoring and weapon technology, assisted by the woman he loves, Barbara Wall, a beautiful T.V. journalist, Rob Lyons enters into a hostile, dangerous environment where violence, greed, betrayal and corruption test his physical and moral strength.

“While fiction, this novel really does cross over into the real world,” explains MacDonald. “From China’s investment in the Caribbean to drone submarines, the distance between the nation and the United States could begin to shrink at any time. Pushing the United States to the edge could be easy, with catastrophic results. Above all, I want readers to realize that nuclear warfare is still very much an option. It’s scary to say the least.”

Continuing, “One thing I am passionate about is writing from authority. I have a very close personal connection to the Caribbean and have become acutely aware of the corrupt ‘system’ that exists in the region. Of course, Washington isn’t squeaky clean either; readers can now experience what happens when these power struggles clash and military action could be the only option.”

To date, the book has attracted critical acclaim. Dr. J. Turner comments, "...one should write about what one knows. Mr. MacDonald has an intimate knowledge of the Caribbean Islands and also has extensive business expertise and a thorough knowledge of politics. So he has honed these skills to produce a riveting first novel…,”

Allan Swartz adds, "... a wildly entertaining political thriller, pitting the United States against China for world domination. At the heart of this fast-paced story is the island of Saint Matts in the Caribbean. This novel grabbed my attention from the start to finish. A very imaginative story with excellent character development. Much of the book is written tongue-in-cheek, which provides for some comedic moments in the midst of potential disaster."

‘Massive Retaliation’, published by Informus Inc., is available now at www.amazon.com as both a paperback and as a kindle edition e-book. It is also available at www.kobo.com as an e-book. For more information and links to articles that straddle the book’s narrative and reality, visit the publishing page at http://www.informus.ca

About Ian D. MacDonald, in his own words
My career as a business executive exposed me to lobbying, politicians, greed, power and ambition. My close personal connection to the Caribbean exposed me to the power struggle going on between the People's Republic of China and Taiwan.

Over the last forty years, I have watched American capitalists exploit the islands and corrupt its politicians. This novel explores what happens when the People's Republic of China attempts to establish a military base in the Caribbean in direct violation of the 1823 Monroe Doctrine that declared the Caribbean to be America's private preserve.

My time each day is spread between my writing, my painting, my promotion of fine art and the business consulting work I do in the area of business risk. I am a graduate of McMaster University in History and Political Science. As a former executive with Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and Creditel, I look on the world as a place where there is risk because 15% of the population do not abide by the rules. The rule breakers are often the ones that move us ahead whether we like it or not.