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Self Defense classes for beginners


Bolton, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Juber Ibrahim brings the art and ways to learn martial arts through self-defense classes. Kung-Fu and karate are two art forms that help in self-defense but there are other art forms one can learn. Self-defense classes offer Jujitsu as a master mixed martial arts form of defense. It teaches different techniques like locks, strikes and throws. One can learn martial arts from four methods used in Jujitsu.

There are trained martial arts experts at master mixed martial arts who not only teach the art of self-defense but also various techniques to fight back while defending someone. Juber Ibrahim during the self-defense classes teaches the methods of strangulation, escape techniques, throws, rolling, take down, gouging, poking and arm bar techniques. The aim of self-defense classes is to teach an individual to stop depending on others, be very strong mentally, not to merely hope for help when one is surrounded by a difficult situation. Mixed martial arts offers detailed courses about how to learn martial arts. Master mixed martial arts team have come up with a detailed training book on the art of self-defense. The book helps in mastering the techniques that are described in Jujitsu.

The book and the self-defense classes help the individual maintain control over the body, mind, body balance and ability to react quickly. The book can be easily ordered and with the amazingly simple instructions, one can train themselves by following the simple techniques. One can also enroll in the mixed master martial arts programs as well. The trained staff will help you learn martial arts in no time. “I was surrounded in a dark alley and did not what to do, the miscreants snatched my purse, held me tight and wanted to snatch my chain and watch as well. It was the time I decided I need to learn self-defense and enrolled myself at master mixed martial arts. Now I am very confident that my teachings at self-defense classes will not go waste”, says one of the trainees at master mixed martial arts. ‘We are trying to teach the lesser known form of defense to all called Jujitsu. It helps in self-defense, controlling of body and mind and when needed can resist all forms of attack”, says one of the martial arts trainer.

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