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Master of Muscle Launches Price Reduction in Light of Potential Sports Injury Fallout

Fostering the healing process before and after workouts can help increase positive results, publishes


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2015 -- Statistics from the medical industry reveal an estimated loss of two weeks of workout time for each muscle injury obtained during strength and weight training with possible variations based on trauma severity. In turn, such incidents lead to strength reductions of five to ten percent for each recovery stint. In an effort to help combat these potential setbacks, Dre Amos of Master of Muscle has launched a price reduction on the company's Muscle Mauler Foam Roller.

Amos elaborated, "Injuries are bound to happen during workouts whether due to overexertion or simple failure to warm up properly beforehand, but our Master of Muscle foam roller is designed to relieve soreness as well as reduce recovery time following workouts. It's meant for injury prevention and rehabilitation alike. For a limited time, we've reduced the price from the original $45.99 to $29.97 with the hope of further reducing the likelihood of sports and strength training related injuries."

During physical activity, natural tearing of muscle fibers occurs. This allows for increased strength as well as muscle mass over the course of the healing process; at the same time, the issue is also largely responsible for soreness and stiffness commonly experienced post-workout. Certain massage techniques aid in recovery by releasing toxins built up within muscles while giving torn fibers greater flexibility to promote faster healing.

Based on information found at, the Master of Muscle foam roller was fashioned to act as a personal masseuse in these regards. The device is said to generate pressure for commonly affected areas such as the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and hamstrings. A hollow core ensures lightweight design while the product's small size provides greater portability. Designers note the product is able to offer results similar to a professional sports massage at a significantly reduced cost.

Concluded Amos, "A popular saying in our industry is 'no pain, no gain', but that theory does have its limits. In some cases, proceeding as usual despite an injury can do more harm than good. Working out without taking proper measures both before and afterwards can also delay seeing positive results. With our Muscle Mauler Foam Roller, those taking part in all levels of Crossfit, Yoga, running, boxing or essentially any sport can attack their chosen activity safely and effectively, and it's now more affordable than ever."

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