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Master Scheduler Software of USA Scheduler Makes Scheduling Take a Quantum Leap

Master Schedule software of USA Scheduler is a valuable asset for schools, enabling them do the scheduling with dramatically improved speed and efficiency. The software simplifies schedule creation, optimizing resource usage.


Fremont, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Schools can now create master schedule with confidence optimizing performance and results, using the master scheduler software of USA Scheduler. It makes scheduling take a quantum leap, improving the traditional conflict matrix and replacing it with solution matrix. The top-down approach improves the speed dramatically, while taking efficiency to the optimum level.

“Top-down approach allows the student choices be the driving factor for the course placements. Earlier, schools had a bottom-up approach, meaning that they worked with the conflict matrix. Our planning oriented approach completely changed and revolutionized it, turning the whole scheduling process on its head,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Course scheduling is the building block of master scheduling software. Each course is associated with several variables such as a teacher; rooms or facility type; number of Sections, classes or groups; terms; course pre-requirements; electives, course credits; department; maximum seats available; periods on which the course can be placed; students who requested the course; whether it is a backup course; resource requirements; special room requirements among others. The software would make the placement of these courses onto the master schedule matrix, satisfying most of the students’ requests.

The software simplifies schedule creation, maximizing the use of resources. The executive added, “There is dramatic reduction in the time taken for complete scheduling. Resource optimization is done at each stage of scheduling. The software can be handy for schools to ensure satisfaction of the students along with the teachers regarding the schedule.”

More and more schools across the US are realizing the tremendous advantage the innovative master scheduler brings in. The software can be a valuable asset for schools as well as universities. To buy master scheduler software will enable the institutions to eliminate the time they spend on the building phase assuring them of speed, accuracy and intelligence.

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USA Scheduler works closely with student information systems to deliver a master scheduler to complement their system. They are able to make a tangible improvement in the running of the school. What started out as a University project in BSc Computer Science has now become a solution for an everyday problem for educational institutions. Contact USA Scheduler for details.

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