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Master Scheduler Software of USA Scheduler Supporting Automated Solution Matrix

USA Scheduler has come up with Master Scheduler Software that supports automated solution matrix. The system works with all the intersections in parallel, incorporating different view points.


Fremont, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- USA Scheduler is now offering an automated schedule builder with no conflict matrix for schools and universities. With automated solution matrix, they are able to make progress in the right direction through billions of possible permutations. The solution matrix is multidimensional as well, a notch ahead of the systems that worked on a one or two dimensional level.

“The conflict matrix transcribes the conflict matrix into solutions. Working with all the intersections in parallel, it ensures that the solutions benefit the group in totality rather than the singletons, doubletons and tripletons. It is in line with the company’s vision to make master scheduling season easy, smooth, quick and enjoyable,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Built into the intelligence of the system, the solution matrix performs sundry jobs in automated manner. It works like interacting with every person in a group, rather than focusing on one or two people, before moving to the next. Thanks to the system, the counsellors need not spend spend plenty of time in the maze of courses, chasing a solution. SIS integration with the system provides an integrated module, API exchange documentation and automated support servers,

Master Scheduler incorporates different view points. The executive elaborated, “It makes the students and courses interdependent and integrated with each other. The auto building of the schedule is done with speed, accuracy and intelligence. The schedule generator factors in several issues and takes decisions on the go. Best possible schedule is reached upon in a short period of time.”

The sophisticated system of USA Scheduler is helpful in improving course sections and teachers workloads. The students schedule generator for schools allows counsellors to book classrooms based on the variables such as room configurations, required A/V equipment, etc. The system takes into account additional information such as students having additional or backup courses and placement of students with preferred teachers.

About USA Scheduler
USA Scheduler is credited with turning master scheduling on its head, improving upon the traditional conflict matrix and replacing it with a solution matrix with no manual singletons and doubletons. The system follows top-down approach that results in an automated building procedure. School master scheduling software allows the student choices be the driving force for the course placements.

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