Mercedes Boots

Master Western Boot Makers Set Themselves Apart from the Herd with Their Custom Masterpieces

Mercedes Boots is The American Standard when it Comes to Western Leather Boots


Ben Wheeler, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2016 -- They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn't just have to apply to a photo or canvas. Until one has a chance to see the incredible custom leather Western footwear created by Mercedes Boots, it wouldn't be thought possible that so much could be conveyed on such a medium. For over 40 years, the Texas-based company has been in the business of designing a high quality boot that fits not just the foot of the individual wearing it, but their personality as well.

With a painstaking process of over 250 steps, Mercedes Boots attend to every last detail going as far as assessing a suitable toe style, picking a look for the heel, and even measuring both feet – something one doesn't come across at their local Western retailer (All boots are sold direct to the consumer only, through the internet, by phone and in our factory showroom). What's more is that each and every one of these steps occurs in-house making Mercedes Boots not only one-of-a-kind in terms of the look of the product but also in the sense of how it generates jobs and money in the local community – a principle very important to the business.

Whether one is interested in stopping by in person to smell the pungent aroma of their leather-filled store or simply shopping online from anywhere in the world, Mercedes Boots has something special for everyone. Whether it's for a special event such as a wedding or simply an everyday boot that needs to stand the test of time and the elements, Mercedes Boots has it all. Customers will be able to discuss exactly the kind of design they are looking for and make whatever's in their imagination become a reality. Shape, texture, and color are no obstacle for the experienced company. And with twenty quality legal leathers to choose from – both domestic and exotic – the potential is limitless!

"Nearly a half century of building a custom fit, quality, one-of-kind product is something most companies can't boast, but that is a distinction we are honored to have and to continue sharing with boot lovers in Texas, America, and the world as a whole," shared owner Debby Farr. "It's just not something you see many companies doing that much anymore, but as evidenced by the steady flow of work we have, we know the demand is out there for individuals to own something extremely unique, practical, and made to last - it's just about getting the word out there!"

If unable to visit in person, potential customers are always encouraged to visit Mercedes Boots online or their Facebook page to be amazed and inspired by the immense variety of designs, embellishments, and styles that a Western boot can have!

About Mercedes Boots
Since 1975, Mercedes Boots has been specializing in crafting the finest custom Western leather boots money can buy. Located in Ben Wheeler Texas, all production occurs in-house and an uncompromising approach to designing and creating fashions results in a boot that is second to none. Each and every boot is a work of art unto itself and reflects the unique personality of each individual puts them on. Taking pride in the fact that they do not mass produce their products or ever sell to western stores, Mercedes Boots has nonetheless sold boots in every state as well as sixteen foreign countries making it a force to be reckoned with in the world of footwear!