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Mastering Document Management System with Alfresco Is Now Available at a Discounted Price

The new course helps participants acquire best practices in document management system implementation. Hands on training and coaching for Alfresco is now available.


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- A new course available from now provides training and coaching for the Alfresco document management system (DMS). Participants of "Master Document Management System with Alfresco" receive a certificate of completion and the coursework is available on iOS and Android. The two-hour course teaches best practices and hands on training.

In addition, the Alfresco course includes an in-depth video that provides a step-by-step tutorial. All of its functionality is explained in detail and there are exercises participants can follow that help learn the platform. No prior knowledge of Alfresco is required as everything is covered.

The course also includes over 21 lectures. It adds up to 2.5 hours of content. There is a demo to help learn to use Alfresco. Users can also customize their Alfresco dashboard, create folders, upload documents, update them, search for documents in the DMS, and create their own sites. In addition to Alfresco training, they can use the system's collaboration feature and create their own users and groups while managing permissions for folders and documents.

Bonus tools are provided as well with the enterprise content management training system. Users receive PDF materials with each lecture, a 100 page PDF Alfresco Manual, an Active Directory Integration Configuration Script, and a custom content type and custom metadata configuration script.

The course is regularly updated. This enables customers to stay up to date with new version changes as they come out. The Alfresco document management course is current as of September 22, 2015. It is useful for anyone who plans to use the DMS in their company, in general, or just wants to master it.

The curriculum is divided up into five sections, covering an overview, managing documents, team collaboration, and a bonus segment with tests, checklists, and more plus a section on system administration.

"Master Document Management System with Alfresco" is led by instructor Tiur Lumban Gaol, an open source specialist and founder of Softbless, a company that provides services for various open source solutions. The course is offered at a price of $59 but a discount coupon code is now available.

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About Master Document Management System with Alfresco
Master Document Management System with Alfresco is an online course that helps users acquire best practices and receive hands-on training and coaching. The 2.5 hour course has over 21 lectures in five sections and is instructed by Tiur Lumban Gaol from

Tiur Lumban Gaol is a project manager, business analysis, and open source software specialist from Softbless Solutions

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