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Mastering Success: Ground-Breaking New Book Fuses Modern Therapy with Ancient Healing, Compelling Thousands to Achieve the Life They Desire

Written by renowned Life and Business Coach, Jose Incer, ‘Mastering Success’ helps readers overcome limiting beliefs and destructive emotions in order to achieve all they have ever dreamed of. Opting for a realistic and plausible approach instead of hype and self-promotion, the book is poised to change lives around the world.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Those familiar with Jose Incer will know that he practices all that he preaches. Stuck in the corporate grind of the advertising industry for fourteen years, his increasing feelings of unfulfillment empowered him to change his life for the better. After listening to the encouragement of his family and training to become a Certified Life/Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Incer’s new life afforded all he had ever dreamed of.

Thousands of clients and seminars later, Incer is compiling his vast knowledge and experiences into a book anyone can use to achieve the life that they too desire. ‘Mastering Success’ helps readers listen to their aspirations, clear any negative emotion and pursue their dreams with gusto.


You might have watched, heard and read a lot about ways to improve yourself. However, if you have tried different approaches without much success, you are not alone. Many people that feel stuck, uninspired, stressed, anxious and afraid, want more than just the run-of-the-mill advise to achieve their goals or solve their problems.

When limiting beliefs and destructive emotions are the root cause of the problems in your life, no amount of positive thinking will correct the issue. If you want to improve your personal or professional life, it is up to you to take action and control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Don't sit back and let your life pass you by; you have the potential to make your life better, take action, you won't regret it.

Mastering Success combines modern therapy advances with the wisdom of ancient systems of healing, into skills you can utilize and master to achieve the life you desire. The techniques are uniquely sorted into key categories dealing with beliefs, emotions, energy, thinking patterns, visualization and life in general. This book also provides guidance for knowing how to do it, when to do it and why to do it.

As the author explains, his approach cuts to the core of every reader so they can exploit resource that have previously been left idle.

“I believe in self-empowerment and the achievement of higher consciousness through self-awareness, inner-peace and knowledge. I know that every human being has an infinite amount of inner-sources and strength that virtually goes untapped,” says Incer.

Continuing, “My book will help anyone reach inside, grab that potential and pro-actively apply it to all areas of their life. It really has to be seen to be believed!”

Since its release, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.

For example, one reader commented, “I recommend this book strongly to anyone who wants to develop themselves in every way that counts. The information is amazing, effective, yet simple. The best advice I can give about this title is that it is more of a practical application book. Do the exercises to get the most value out of the book, it empowered me.”

With the book’s popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Mastering Success’, published by Nautilus Life Inc., is available now: http://amzn.to/13T48Xu

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://nautiluslife.com/

About the Author
Jose Incer, is a life coach, business coach, NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, author, and speaker. He is the co-founder of Nautilus Life. He has dedicated himself to assisting others in their journey of empowerment and self-healing. Jose's clients include athletes, CEO's, doctors, health care professionals, students and people from all walks of life. Jose and his coaching team also run workshops/seminars on self empowerment, job performance, stress management, personal and professional goal achievement.