Mastering the Life Plan by 74-Year Old Dr. Life Is a Solid Approach to Feeling Young


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- The New York Times Best Selling author, Jeffrey S. Life, M.D., Ph.D., is going to launch his another revolutionary book, Mastering the Life Plan - The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger and Sexier Body, on March 19th 2013.

In his last book and the New York Times bestseller, The Life Plan, Dr. Jeffry Life combined proven science with an appealing message to all its readers that it is never too late to transform their bodies into ideal physiques they have always dreamt of.  He fully assures his readers that his entire program of exercises, nutrition and hormone optimization are fully capable to provide them with extraordinarily powerful and lasting results. In his upcoming book, Mastering the Life Plan, he reveals this bestselling program into a simpler format that men of any age can customize for their individual needs. The book is loaded with new and essential exercising techniques and groundbreaking helpful advices that help an individual feel young and healthy.

Dr. Jeffrey Life, M.D., Ph.D., is the founder and chief executive officer of Cenegenics in partnership with located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he lives. At a vibrant seventy-four years of age he is still in great shape, serving as a medicine practitioner and is at the top of the healthy aging field. He has been featured in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Esquire magazine, as well as in national television shows, including the Doctors and The Dr. Phil Show.

Mastering the Life Plan review offers a complete guide to individuals towards discovering a whole new range of techniques that will ultimately change their physical appearances, making them live a life of twenty years younger than they actually are.

The book is based on 304 pages that provides highly rich content relating to  comprehensive medical information so that an individual can work with his own doctor to achieve better health and new exercises in all fitness domains including cardiovascular, strength training, and toning/stretching combined into one easy-to-follow routine. In addition, the readers will encounter new meal plans and recipes that make weight loss a breeze and an expanded food guide for eating on the road, eating out and cooking for oneself. Dr. Jeffrey Life also provides essential latest information on hormone optimization, giving a deeper understanding of therapies, controversies, myths and realities, and new success stories from men who have already seen great results with the Life Plan.

The book is a helpful guide for every man looking for a healthy present and future lifestyle. According to Dr. Life, this is the only way to achieve a happy, youthful, sexually satisfying life with dramatically fewer age-related illnesses, and at the same time avoid the unfortunate side effects of aging. The book will hit the stores on 19th March, 2013, plus, the is offering discounts on the book if an individual orders before its release.

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