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Masters in Education Degrees Prove to Help Graduates Within and Outside the Education Field


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Masters in Education degrees have proven to provide graduate students with the training, knowledge and insight they need to significantly further their careers within the field of education and beyond.

While a Masters of Education can help a person obtain a teaching position or further their current job as an educational provider, earning the graduate degree can also open up opportunities to a wide range of jobs outside of academia, some of which are high paying.

But knowing which Masters in Education program to select and which schools offer the best educational solution can be a challenge.

For help choosing the optimal Masters in Education programs and schools, prospective students are turning to MastersinEducationReviews.com. The site provides a variety of helpful information for people interested in getting a Masters in Education, including a listing of the available programs and rankings of the best schools for education graduate programs. The site also discusses the potential careers and salaries available for students who have earned their Masters in Education, including those within and outside of the field of education.

According to MastersinEducationReviews.com, while there are many jobs within academia that are rewarding and pay well, there are also a multitude of high paying careers in other fields for those people who hold a Masters in Education.

“Having a degree in education doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work in academia,” states the site. “Earning a Masters in Education provides you with many of the necessary tools you need to obtain a high paying position in a number of industries.”

The site provides a list of the top seven jobs available for people who have obtained their Masters degree in Education, some within the field of education and some outside of the industry. Professions listed by the site include actuary, general manager, administrator, school or career counselor, psychologist, director of degree or educational programs and, of course, teacher.

MastersinEducationReviews.com compares the typical salary earned by a high school mathematics teacher with a Masters in Education, $57,800, and the salary of an actuary holding the same degree, $157,000.

Furthermore, the site discusses how directors of degree or educational programs with a Masters in Education can earn almost 20 percent more a year than those with a Bachelors degree.

In addition to learning about the range of career options available to Masters holders, the site helps people quickly find a school offering their preferred program in their area. Site visitors can simply enter their zip code, their program of choice and the type of degree they are interested in obtaining and the sites provides a list of schools matching their requirements.

For more information, visit http://mastersineducationreviews.com/

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MastersinEducationReviews.com provides information about getting a Masters in Education, from how to decide if a person should get one to top jobs and potential salaries. The site also provides rankings of the best schools for education graduate programs.