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MastersinPublicHealthGuides.org Is Authoritative Source for Masters in Public Health Degree Info


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- As the healthcare sector continues to grow, many individuals within the field are exploring a Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree via MastersinPublicHealthGuides.org. The online resource guide Website provides in-depth resources for prospective students who are interested in advancing their education and public health careers.

An aging U.S. population, primary care staffing shortages, emerging healthcare legislation and other factors are broadening the scope and possibilities for healthcare careers. As the science of disease prevention, public health is the term that permeates all aspects of the healthcare continuum and fuels growth of recession-proof public health careers.

A prevailing path for many entering or currently within healthcare is pursuit of an MPH program degree. “Graduates of MPH programs are the people that will confront today and tomorrow’s complex health issues ranging from access, infectious disease control, environmental hazard reduction and substance abuse,” said a MastersinPublicHealthGuides.org representative. “Our Website is meant to be a resource portal to help people understand and choose the right path to further their public health careers and impact healthcare on a macro and micro scale.”

The Website provides information on the top MPH programs and universities in the country as well as detailed information about each school’s areas of specialty. “Many of the schools have various flexible programs that enable students to work while they earn their degree,” said the guide specialist. “These online MPH programs are designed for people with busy lives who want to further their educational training within the area of public health.”

The guide lists the most popular majors, courses and curriculums within the MPH rubric. They include Dental, Disaster Management, Epidemiology, Health Psychology, Community Health and many more. A broad sampling of courses for the various degree programs is also included.

The guide delves into program entrance tests, GPA and admission requirements, program length and accreditation. Dozens of the numerous public health career options for those holding a MPH degree are explored with information on salary, career outlook, common careers, and more. The Website has an extensive blog with articles about public health, legislation and the impact they will have on the nation’s future. For more information, please visit http://www.mastersinpublichealthguides.org/

About MastersinPublicHealthGuides.org
The Website provides in-depth resources for prospective students who are interested in advancing their education and public health careers via a Masters in Public Health degree. The online resource guide includes detailed information on the top schools in the country, the areas of specialization for each school and the many MPH programs that are available. The guide also provides information on program entrance requirements, career outlook and additional career path information via blogs and articles.