Reduces Domestic Violence in Celebrities by 68%

Not finding the right partner can make you miserable it can also be the cause of domestic violence as we have seen with some well-known celebrities in the news, that is why it is important to find a perfect match.


Devon, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- A study which was launched to look at celebrities and domestic violence found that if "Matching Score" the relationship matching software algorithm that calculates compatibility for the dating website was used, then 68% of these tragic events would never have happened.

Robert Magill, Project Co-ordinator for confirmed that they had documented 46 Celebrity couples from Ike &Tina Turner, Cary Grant& Dylan Cannon, Chris Brown & Rihanna, OJ & Nicole Simpson and a host of others involved in police documented and verified cases of domestic violence. is a free to use dating website where people can input there data and find partners who are compatible for them. Robert believes that compatibility is the absolute key to creating an amazing relationship. By using the Matching Score to Filter dating matches believes people can always have good dates, which puts daters in poll position to choose an attractive, compatible and harmonious partner for relationship.

Robert has confirmed that will be working with Universities to do further research to prove the effect of "Matching Score" in calculating compatibility and the broader aim of reducing broken hearts in the world and has confirmed that the website is committed to always being Free to use for everyone.

A study by consumer group, ‘Which’ questioned 1,504 people about dating and according to the research sixty-two per cent of the people questioned had used Internet dating to find their partner and found it much easier to find someone to date than they would offline.

Dating online through allows people find their perfect date in a safe and comfortable environment and avoid the trouble that some celebrities have been through who did not use online dating and ended up with someone that was not right for them.

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