Math Games Join the 21st Century, with Innovative Mobile iOS Apps! launches new innovative, fun, method of teaching and practicing mathematics. (iPad Math Games)


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- is excited to announce the launch of their latest mathematics teaching products for iOS. The innovative math games makes use of the latest, youth friendly technology, to better engage students in learning mathematics

“Many teachers view iPhones, and iPods as something to be kept out of the classroom, because they distract students,” Says company spokesperson Justin Holladay; “However, these are powerful tools which if used properly can greatly enhance education experience by teaching in the language of today’s students.”

Modern students spend 40 hours a week or more on their mobile devices and phones, making them an important platform of communication to this generation.’s iOS apps open the lines of communication with smart board connectivity, peer tutoring, homework, practice, and extra math help. For teachers and parents the iOS games complete the feedback loop by producing progress reports to allow easy assessment of learning and progress.

Mobile iOS mathematics apps are a bonus to budget and environmentally conscious schools, saving money and trees by reducing the need for paper in the classroom.

Aimed at upper elementary and middle school students the iOS apps focus on key areas of learning. They focus on a number of key areas of mathematics including: Order of operations (PEMDAS, BEDMAS), fractions, ordered fractions, and a mathematical adventure (story book app). They are designed to replace drill style exercises, with fun games, which involve students in the learning of mathematics.

About was founded Justin Holladay, a middle school teacher, tired of the outdated methods for teaching mathematics. In addition to its new line of mobile apps, this online resource allows teachers and parents to share math games, which can be used to better engage students in learning mathematics. All of the platforms resources utilize games to teach students by making them more interested in mathematics, and provide teachers with the resources necessary to “flip” the classroom. This empowers them to teach the lectures using technology, while doing homework and practice at school, where teachers are better able to work with students and answer their questions.

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