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Math Panda, K-12 Math Tutor and Grade Booster for Android


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2015 -- Math Panda is a free exciting educational game for K-12 students that will also entertain parents, grandparents, and other math enthusiasts!

The app includes the Classroom, Challenge and Comparator activities for practice, as well as the Concentration amazing math-memory game that will compel even the elders to improve their brain-power.

Math Panda is fully COPPA compliant, and has an intuitive interface and easy configuration that make it ideally designed for Elementary school children.

Math Panda is an educational game designed for K-12 students and all brain-teaser enthusiasts. It includes problem solving games as well as entertaining yet educational games. The app is designed to challenge at the appropriate level to improve math and arithmetic skills, and even a moderate use of Math Panda should result in higher math grades at school.

As Android Headlines says, "It's clear that Math Panda has enough included to make it an appealing and more than competent app that parents and little ones will find genuinely helpful".

Math Panda is 4 different games in 1 single app:

- In Classroom mode, the user chooses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division along with level of complexity, and Math Panda serves up math problems in a playful, untimed environment. Hippo counts correct answers and provide positive feedback, Pig counts incorrect answers with snorting sounds, and Rabbit displays elapsed time.

- In Challenge mode, he is challenged to solve as many problems as he can in two minutes to unlock new rounds of Concentration.

- Also known as Memory or Pairs, Math Panda's version of Concentration matches math problems with solutions. The user must match 2+2 with 4 or 6x7 with 42 to form a pair.

- Finally, Comparator is a multi-choice game where the user must select the largest or smaller solution of appropriately challenging problems.

According to Apps400 who gave Math Panda a 4.5 star rating, "amazingly the 'Concentration' section would compel even the elders to ameliorate their brain-power"!

Math Panda offers 3 different interface environments:

- In Multiple-choice, the user selects the correct answer from four choices. This environment is particularly well suited for Elementary grades.

- In Keyboard: the user types his answer using a calculator-like display.

- In Handwriting: he writes directly on the screen using his finger or stylus and Math Panda uses its state-of-the-art HandWriting Recognition neural network to read the answer!

The user can also chose between a number of different fonts, from cute animals specially designed for young ones to boring typed font for serious and busy adults.

"The simplicity and versatility of this app make it a great option for those who are willing to learn maths" summarizes apps4review in its 4.5 star review.

Math Panda is fully unlocked and there is no upgrade to purchase; In-App purchase is only available to permanently remove the non-intrusive display of ads. Although it targets a wide public, parents of young users can be relieved that Math Panda is fully COPPA compliant, and uses advertisement and analytics in a COPPA compliant manner.

Math Panda requires Android 2.3 or later versions and only 2.8 MB of free space on the device. It is optimized for all screen sizes; the main menu may be a bit cramped but very usable on earlier smartphones with very small screens.

Let Math Panda and his friends lead the way to fun and sharper math skills (and even better grades!) today.

AboutĀ Arnaud Desombre
Arnaud Desombre is an independent Android app developer. A former math tutor and still a math enthusiast, he is particularly keen to providing an app that will both deliver efficient results and entertainment at the same time.

Arnaud Desombre
New York, NY, USA