Better Math Grades with iKaes Math Solver


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- If you are a student or a parent of a student taking a math course, you have most likely taken part in preparing for a math test. Math tests have been a source of anxiety and stress for students and parents alike. However, there are several easy steps that can be taken to help anyone do better, like forming study groups, using Math solver (iKaes), and so on.

The most important step is to start preparing early and often. Studying for a math test is not a matter of just memorizing dates and facts. You must understand how formulas work and how to apply them. You may need help in explaining some of the formulas and applications. You could set up a weekly meeting with the math teacher, create a study group and pick a day of the week to meet, get a math tutor, or use online Math solver, like iKaes, with tutorials to help explain the math concepts that you are working on.

Throughout the course, be sure to ask questions! Your questions could be about the math. However, it is important to also ask about the test. Most likely the teacher has written the test, took part in a group writing the test, or picked out the test from other resources. Either way, the teacher knows what is on the test, what the test will look like (multiple choice and/or constructed response questions), and what is important to focus on when preparing. Asking about all of these different aspects will help you better prepare for the test.

Most importantly you need to practice, practice, practice. You can ask a friend or a parent to create problems for you. You can get problems from textbooks, worksheets, or the internet. However, the practicing is only helpful if you know if you are solving correctly and have a way to check your work. The iKaes Math Solver is perfect for this. You can solve the problem on paper, then visit the website and enter the problem. When you click on “Solve”, the Math Solver will not only give you the answer, but will show all of the steps too. That way, if you are making a mistake, you will be able to see where the mistake is happening and how to solve correctly.

With an early start, knowledge of the expectations, and lots of guided practice, you or your child can have a more successful math class.

About iKaes
iKaes is a math problem solver which gives answer to student's math question or algebra problem. iKaes allows interaction between the student and math problems / algebra problems. It is the best medium for students who are shy about asking questions or getting more detailed explanations in a group tutoring environment.

iKaes ensures that the students understand how to solve math problems. This strategy results in improved grades for students in math.