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Math Tuition Centre Launches New Website

Learning SimpliCity announces the launching of their new website.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Learning SimpliCity, a popular maths tuition centre located in Singapore welcomes all to their new website. Learning SimpliCity specializes in secondary and JC mathematics and they make learning mathematics more interesting for students.

Parents in Singapore have already started using the new Learning SimpliCity website, but there are still some who may not know about it.

There are various reasons as to why parents should choose Learning SimpliCity’s tuition centre. These reasons include:

- Small class size (classes range from 3 to 9 students)
- Qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors (A level math tutor)
- Good communication
- Frequent updates on the student

Having a small class is always a plus, because then the teachers will be able to better meet the academic needs of the students. After all, there is a reason why so many schools are fighting for a smaller class size, isn't it?

They have a program called SimpliLearn. This program makes use of the popular MAPS Learning System, which makes learning easier for students. This program helps students to:

- Relate and apply to real life contexts
- Develop their potential
- Progressively build up their learning

Learning Simplicity also offers a safe learning environment where students are able to study and talk to their friends. They also have an area for consultation and consolidation along with a pantry for students to take a break at.

The math tuition centre can be conveniently found near Bugis MRT in Singapore. It is nested in a conservative shop house that has tall ceilings and skylight at Bugis Village. Learning SimpliCity offers A level math tuition for students wishing to attend math tuition centre in Singapore.

Company Contact : Mr Song Boon Khing
Company Email: enquiry@learningsimplicity.com.sg
Company Phone : 6837 3202