Matricom Announces the Ultra Affordable $65 G-Tab Nero 7" Android 4 Tablet PC

Matricom, who has been known for leading the industry in the Android TV box market with it’s popular product the G-Box Midnight, has announced it’s new G-Tab product line-up starting with the ultra-affordable Nero 7” Android tablet.


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- “With all the cheap tablets on the market coming from China these days we’ve decided to take a popular model design similar to the generic Zeepad, but beef it up with much better hardware and quality control, then put it into mass production for under $70 making it affordable for virtually anybody that’s looking for an entry level tablet or a great gift for friends, family, or their children.”

While it’s extremely affordable, the G-Tab Nero has all of the marks of a quality tablet. Under the hood you’ll find the strong Boxchip A13 Cortex CPU with the popular Mali400 3D graphics core, 512mb RAM, which we’ve found to be plenty for practically every app, 4GB of storage which is expandable with an affordable SD micro card up to 32gb, a very responsive 7 inch capacitive touchscreen and the popular Android 4 operating system loaded with the Google Play Store to install a wide array of free and paid apps. “Affordability is key. We’re producing this tablet in very large quantities so that anybody can afford it. Our goal is to set the standard for affordable tablets without compromising quality. We’re providing a satisfaction guarantee, technical support and warranty repair services in the USA for our G-Tab products, making it simple to have your tablet repaired, replaced or returned if you don’t find it fit for your needs. We’re confident that our price and quality construction will let this tablet find happy homes all over the world.”

The Nero will be capable of many popular functions of the big name tablets such as web browsing, watching movies, social networking, YouTube and even Skype video chatting with it’s built-in 1.3mp front-facing camera. If you’ve been looking for an affordable tablet for yourself or for someone you know, now is the time to buy.

This tablet will be released on Amazon and eBay for sale at an introductory price of $65 and will be available in a multitude of colors such as hot pink, blue, red, white and dark gray.

Available on Amazon: G-Tab Nero on Amazon

For more information on this and other products visit the Matricom website:

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